When I visited the newseum I went to the Pulitzer prize  photos.I saw starvation in Sudan by Kevin Carter and Fire escape by Stanley J. Foreman. These photos had a big impact on me to show that not everyone is as fortunate as others. You should be grateful for what you have.I also visited the FBI exhibit where I saw how the FBI handled attacks. Its crazy to see all of the lives they have saved.


we went and saw really cool things and photos. the Pulitzer prize photos were really amazing and some were terrifying like this one.

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At the Newseum, I went to the Pulitzer Prize gallery and I saw a lot of sad photos. There were pictures of war, hunger, and other emotional topics. There was also other exhibits on things like 9/11 and the Berlin wall. It was very educational and I learned a lot about the horrific events in history that make our world the way it is today.

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The photo I used was the “Kenya Mall Massacre” by Tyler Hicker because when I saw this photo it caught my eye and I was interested and read about it.  During this massacre I could see that 3 people laying down behind a counter trying to protect them self from the shooter.


Also the photo from the ” Final Salute ” by Todd Heisler this photo shows

how a army solider that died was getting into a plane by other soldiers.  While above them there were clueless people who didn’t know what was going on.     


I used the “Camera Captures Horror” photo taken by Charles Porter IV. In this photo, you can see a fireman holding a baby who was trapped in a building after a bombing. The photo was taken in 1995 and it was really touching and sad.  What drew me to the photo was the child covered in ashes and it was so sad.



I also used the “Babe Ruth’s Final Goodbye” photo was taken in 1948 by Nat Fein. The photo was interesting because everybody was standing in honor of him and the crowds all crazy because of the legend. It was sad and a cool picture because of all of the respect he earned.

I would not be able to take the first photo because it was so sad and I would have to be a normal human and help the people, not photograph. The second photo would be much easier to take because it isn’t as emotional.

The exhibit that I visited was the FBI exhibit. It was really cool and I could see the actual artifacts including 911 parts, bombing stuff, and more. There was a lot of stuff on terrorist attacks which was scary and even the Unibomber’s cabin.

Here’s the like to the Pulitzer Prize photos:

Pulitzer Prize

In this project, we visited the Newseum and looked at Pulitzer prize winning photographs. The following photos are Pulitzer Prize photos that connected with me.

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This photo is incredbly sad to me. Seeing the African child starving and the vulture waiting for it to die strikes a cord with me. It makes me think about how fortunate I am to be able to eat regularly and when I wish, while there are others who starve.  After the photographer took this photo, they committed suicide, depressed that their fame was caused by such awful conditions.


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In this photo, Kosovo citizens are passing over their child to the refugees on the other side of the fence, in an attempt to give the child a better life. This photo connects with me because it shows the difference in like, even though both places have a similar landscape, can be so different do to a thin barbed fence. It also connects with me because my mom was a war correspondent in Kosovo.

If I were the photographer, I think I would have a hard time trying to seperate my job from being a human. I don’t think I could be a photojournalist, because I don’t think I could live with myself if I sat by instead of helping others. I suppose some might go into the field for fame, but as the photographer of the first photo knew, fame based on other’s suffering is not great fame.

Another great part of the exhibit is the 9/11 museum. They even have a peice of the Twin Towers in the middle, and all the newspapers the day after. The exhibit is certainly a very well researched one, and it stirs a lot of emotion for those who lived through 9/11. They have a full documentry playing on a loop in a small theater room, and even have the remnants of the camera of the journalist who died in the collapse. It is truly an amazing exhibit.

Newseum Post

One of the Pulitzer Prize photos that I was the Starvation In Sudan by Kevin Carter and the other was the Fire Escape Collapse photo by Stanley Forman. The Fire Escape Collapse photo has two little kids being thrown out the window because of the fire.The Starvation In Sudan had a picture of a very skinny little girl who collapsed on her way to a feeding center, with a vulture watching over her. All theses pictures made me sad and it was heartbreaking to see someone go through all that.

If I were a photographer I think I would separate my job as a photographer because it would be sad to leave a person feel the type of pain and I would bad to leave a person like that.

My favorite exhibit was the Civil Rights At 50 I liked it because everything was basically right in front of you.The stools, the table the signs,and etc was all there.It does fit into the overall Newseum because the Newseum has a lot of things about news and history and the Civil Rights movement was a big part of history.It was really interesting to see everything in real life.

Link the photos:



This photo is very cool. It is the last game for the  greatest baseball player, Babe Ruth. It is very touching because it’s sad to see him leave baseball.

This photo is very sad because an African girl is about to die and the vulture is going to eat her. It drew me to it because of how sad it was.

If I were the photographer I wouldn’t be able to separate my job from being a human. The struggles are seeing the terrible things you see. The rewards are praise.

My second exhibit is the 9/11 exhibit. At the 9/11 exhibit we saw all of the newspapers with the twin towers on the cover. This was cool because every paper in the world had it.


I think a big struggle of taking these images is actually being at the event. This is because some events are very dangerous, like a war or a shooting. A  reward is winning the Pulitzer prize and making money. No matter what, you will always remember the event that you were at, whether it was good or bad. For the picture on the right, even though he couldn’t help the little girl out, I would not take a picture and find something to do to help her. For the one on the right, I could definitely take the picture since it’s pretty happy. Although, I wouldn’t be able to climb up the mound of bodies. The Berlin Wall was very cool. I think this is cool because they had a piece of the wall in the exhibit and it had cool graffiti on it.

Newseum Post

My feelings for the first photo (Columbine Massacre) are extremely sad because you can see the hurt on the boys’ faces. I was drawn to the photos because of the strong  emotions the image puts off. My feelings for the second photo (Historic Campaign) are inspired because Obama seems very determined to be making the speech in the rain. I couldn’t be an intense photographer like this because I wouldn’t be able to help the people, just take photos. This is obviously one of the struggles of the job. The rewards could be in the happy photos you take.

The second exhibit I documented was the 9/11 Memorial Exhibit. My favorite part was the fact that you can write about your feelings on the event and submit them. 9/11 was an event that changed American history for good and I think it fits perfectly into the Newseum because of it’s significance. I think everyone should see this exhibit no matter how old in order to fully understand the horrific event altogether.