Photo Stacking: Action

Stacking photos is a technique that can be used to create an “impossible” shot or a way to show a sequence of events. We will be using it to show a sequence of events. This requires planning and the use of Photoshop. Photos used below are from my friend John Burns.

Cliff jump photos to edit can be found here and the basketball photos to stack can be found here.

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+ What did you have to do?

+ Explain the process of capturing your shot.

+ Explain the process of editing your final stack.

+ Share the link to the YouTube video above so others can watch it.

+ Include both of your stacks in your post. Make sure they are as large as possible in your post.

Catch The Action

In this project, we needed to take pictures of something or someone in action. To help capture the images I set the camera Drive Mode to Continuous Shooting. A tip I would recommend anyone taking action photos is to try your best not to move the camera. If I could I would photograph skateboarding because you can get some really cool pictures. Below is one of the photos I took and a stacked one. Click here to see the rest of my photos.

Catch the Action

In this project we had to do what the title says catch someone in an action that can’t be a pose. I had to plan each photo before it happens since it needs to be done in a certain way. And you have to get a good angle since the photo needs to be have a nice motion that would explain the image. If someone takes a image like this or a one in action find something interesting for the person to do. As you see the subject in this photo is sliding down a rail on the stairs which is very different.

Click here for my photos

Catch The Action

For this assignment, we had to take a picture of someone doing something that you could’t pose. For example someone jumping or running. You were not aloud to move the camera they had to come in and out of frame. I used burst so that I could get the right picture. The tip I have is never move the camera. I would take a picture of water falling off something.

click here for the rest of my photos.

Action Photos

While I was taking the photos I always put my phone in burst mode. This helped me capture the certain moments of a photo that I want. My tip is try to keep the camera very still and time the photo. I would like to photograph a swimmer, about to appear from the surface of the water.

Here is my stacked photo:

Here is the link to my action photos folder, called, “motion shots”:

I put a setting on my phone so that every time I take a picture it captures several shots at the same time. One main piece of advice I have is to always use the burst option. I would love to photograph a wave crashing onto the shore.

Catch The Action

In this assignment we had to capture the motion on someone by taking photos. Keeping the camera still and having lots space to capture the entire flow of motion. Using the shutter lens was really helpful. I would like to photograph football.

Click here to see my photos

Action Photos

In this project, we had to take pictures of people doing an action. We had to make sure the action couldn’t be staged. One thing I did when taking action pictures was I took bursts so I could get the right picture. One tip I have for taking action pictures is to be patient. You might not get the picture on the first shot but you will get it eventually. A sport I would like to take photos for would be snowboarding. Overall, I really enjoyed this project because there were lots of different things you could have done with the project.

Click here to see the rest of my photos!

Action Photos

The purpose of this project is to try to capture an action on camera, whether that be a guy running to catch an incoming football, or a pen falling off a high table. The hardest part of this is being able to take a crisp and clear photo, as opposed to a blurry one. I was able to get my shots by putting on the burst and trying to get as close to the subject as possible, to avoid blur from the distance. If there’s any better tip for you, it’s patience. If you have time, take as many photos of the same action as possible for maximum possibility of taking a decent photograph. If I had more time myself, I’d take pictures of high jumps, bike races, and diving board flips.

For more, click here.

Catch The Action

Click here for more photos

For this project you have to take picture of someone moving and edit those photos to make one whole photo. I took a multiple picture of my friend running and jump in the the middle. I stacked the photos I took to make a new photo. I wouldn’t recommend taking pictures of hair, or an object because it’s more difficult when you are editing the photo. This project was very difficult but a little fun at the same time.

Action Photos Mattia Izzi

For this project we had to take pictures of people in the middle of an action. We also had to make a stacked image. I found it best to take pictures of someone in the air because they are obviously not staged and they look pretty cool. For the stacked images it was much more convenient to take bursts of photos instead of manually taking every pic. I’d like to photograph a plane flying by if I could. Here is one of the pictures…

Here are the rest of the photos.