for this project, we haad to take pictures of some peolpe simling and not smileing. one pictues of som could tell you a lot about them. some are true, ans some arent. aslo, i’m not used to taking to strngers, so it was a little harder for me.


The difficult was finding people to take the picture and finding the urge to go up to them. people have a brighter personality when they smile. Not only looking for “good looking” people but all types of people to take pictures of. “would you like a photo?” ‘ give me your most naturalist look”   You can see my pictures here.

Then I Asked Them To Smile

For this project we had to go to 15 people and ask them if we could take 2 pictures of them; 1 smiling and 1 not smiling. This project was difficult because I was afraid to ask people and usually when I did, they said no. For some of the pictures, you can see a big difference between the smiling picture and the non-smiling picture. One of the things you can see is that the person doesn’t look that nice or happy in the non-smiling picture, but in the smiling picture, the person looks a lot more happy and friendly. One of the things that can affect a photographer taking pictures is their bias towards the client/subject. For example, if the client is a single parent raising two kids, then the photographer might put them in a power pose versus if the client/subject was homeless and/or poor, the photographer might make them look a little bit sadder in the picture. If I got hired, I wouldn’t ask the person’s background, or job, I would ask how they feel, or how their life is going for them because is I ask about their background I know I’ll have a bias. Here are my photos ?

Then I Asked Them To Smile.

Everything involved in this project was hard. I did not have the opportunity to take photos on the weekends because I did not have the possession of my phone for it was taken from me. I struggled to get photos in school because there were very little people roaming the hallways. Some didn’t want to. It was also hard to take nice, unique photos because the person sometimes seem uncomfortable. I wish the amount of people was maybe 10 or 8 instead of 15 because of the complaints listed above. The changes I see are different each time. Some times I see a big difference, sometimes, not that much. Bias can very much effect me and others as a photographer. The photographer could only pick people they know which defeats the purpose. When you find someone to take a photo of, don’t tell them the basic questions like “Think of your favorite thing,” or “act natural,” ask them something like what are their favorite things. Find the photos here.

Then I Asked Them To Smile

This project was about taking pictures of people with them smiling and then not smiling. What was difficult about this project that I found out was that a good amount of people did not want to be photographed. I also noticed that when I told some people not to smile, they would just smile with no teeth so I had to tell them again, not to smile. Some changes I see were how different people looked when they smiled, because since I don’t know these people personally, I don’t usually see these people smiling. My bias could affect me being a photographer maybe because of how they look. When hired, I would ask the person I’m taking pictures of, what they like to do for fun Here is a link to my slide show.

Then I asked them to smile

For my project I had to take pictures of 15 people one of them smiling and not smiling. One of the hardest parts was when some people said no for the pictures. One of the easiest parts  was when we had to take the pictures. I hope you enjoy these pictures. You can find my pictures here


The most difficult part of the project was getting people to say yes to being photographed. The changes I see are that people look much different when they are smiling, form when they are frowning. Bias could affect which things you take pictures of, and how you take them. You should ask your client if they are okay with taking pictures and you should ask them where you should take the picture. You can find the photos I took here.

Smile Project

For this project I had to take 2 photos of 15 people smiling and not smiling. One hard thing was getting the people to let you take pictures of them because when you ask to take 2 pictures of a complete stranger of course it’s going to be weird and awkward. During the project I saw some things change like when I changed how I asked questions people started saying yes. If I saw someone really big and towering looking I like many others might hesitate to ask for their picture because of initial judgement.That’s how bias affects not just photographers but a lot of people with bias. Every time  someone allows you to take photos of them you must be polite and respectful, make sure they will allow you too.

Too look at the photos I took go to this link

Smile Project

 For this project I had to look for 15 strangers and ask them to smile and to not smile.The most difficult thing about this project was asking stranger if I could take two pictures of them. Some changes I saw was when they smiled they seemed nice but when they were serious they looked mean. A bias could effect someones job as a photographer because they could loose lots of opportunities. maybe you could ask them what they like, or about there life. Maybe like that you can take fair photos. to see the rest of the pictures click here

Then I asked Them To Smile

The most difficult part of this project was asking strangers if they could take a picture because I am very introverted and won’t talk to people I don’t know. When I asked them to smile, their personalities seemed to change from when they weren’t smiling. Bias can affect the pictures that I took because if there was something negative that happened to someone, I wouldn’t take the best picture and I wouldn’t think that their smile was very meaningful. If I asked someone to take ”fair photos”, I would ask them about their background and experiences with strangers because it could show a whole different perspective through photos.

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