During this project I took photos of different subjects using different things to frame them. We framed our subjects so that when looking at the picture your eyes go directly to the thing being framed. This is similar to the rule of thirds, because in both projects we were using different techniques so that the person looking at the picture would look directly to the subject. They are different though, because rule of thirds we used lines to bring your attention to the subject and framing we used different resources to frame and bring your attention to the subject. This is my favorite picture because I took many photos and in this photo Lizzie is caught of guard. One challenge I had during this project was finding different frames to take a picture through.

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Rule of Thirds

The rule of thirds project taught us how to put our subjects or thing they we are taking a picture of in different thirds of the picture so that the things surrounding your subject would lead your eye straight to them. In the beginning I thought that this project may be hard, but once I started I figured out it was easier then I thought it would be. One thing that helped it to be easier is putting a 3×3 grid on the camera. This way I could line my subject up with the line. For the picture of Iverson, I lined him up to where he was in the furthest column to the left. For the picture of the school I lined up the top of the school up with the top line of the bottom row. This made it two-thirds sky and one third school.

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Black Background

In this assignment we set the camera to be less sensitive to light to make the black background look like it wasn’t there. We also shined a light onto our faces so that our faces would be lit up. Also I used Photoshop to clear up any shadows that appeared behind us. If people moved while we tried to take the picture it was very blurry.

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White Background

During this project we had to set the camera to be more sensitive to light. We did this so that we didn’t look like we were standing in front of a background. One thing that hard was making sure the background did not have shadows on it. To prevent this we changed the angle of the light so that there weren’t any shadows.

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5 shots

During this assignment I had to take 5 photos of 3 different objects all from different angles. One challenge I had during this project was thinking of different angles to take pictures from. The picture of the plant was the hardest because it was hard to find good lighting. This project helped me come up with new angles to take pictures of so they aren’t all taken straight on.

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