Macro Portraits(With Legos)

For this project, we had to “play” with Legos. This means that the subject of our photos was the Legos. I had to have the surroundings of the Legos to scale with the Legos. This means that it was not a Lego in a big world, it was a Lego in a small world, his world. I used techniques from my rule of thirds project, my getting close project, and my different angles project. Some parts of the project that were difficult to me was making sure that we were close enough to our Lego because if we weren’t, it would look like a Lego in a big world, not a small one. If I could, I would like to take a bunch of Legos, have them next to the barre, and make them dance. I would also love to take a picture of a Lego next to bugs, since the two are close in size. It would be like a massive bug! All in all, I didn’t really like this project that much because I am not the biggest toy person, but if you are, this project is for you!

Taking the Time to Smell the Roses

Lego Shots

The assignment was to take pictures of lego people in there own miniature worlds. The pictures needed to be taken like another lego person could’ve taken the shot. The easy part was setting up the shots. The hard part was positioning the camera so that it looked natural.

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Lego Macro Photos

This project included using Lego figures and other small objects to make it like the Lego figures are doing stuff that humans can. We had to take pictures to make it look like like the Lego figures are human size. I used my editing skills as well as the rule of thirds for some other pictures that I took that aren’t going to be shown. It challenged me sometimes to get to the perfect angle for the Lego character and to get to the same level of height as the Lego figure. i would like to photograph something with like a landscape in the background or during a sunset to get a good background.

Captain America about to save more people as always
just taking a stroll through the Jungle. Hoping to see some cool animals.
Just got some serious air time.


With this project, I had to take pictures of Legos and make them look like they were in a normal world, not a giant world. I used skills that I learned from the last macro project. For example, I used the method of making sure that the subject was in focus and the background was not. Another skill I used was making sure that the camera was not too close to the subject, or else the subject will become blurry. If I had to take 5 more pictures, I would do one of a lego riding a bike, a lego reading, a lego walking a dog, a lego playing on a swing set, and legos in school. Here are my photos!

Go Team!
I’m Finally Home!
Me Jane.

Lego Pictures

In this project we had to take pictures of Lego people and make them look realistic. We were supposed to take portraits of the Lego’s doing an activity and also have the Lego’s tell a short story. This project was similar to the macro project because we had to focus on the Lego people similar to how we had to focus on objects. Lizzie and I used the different settings on VSCO to focus on the Lego’s. One challenging part of this project was coming up with places to put the Lego’s so that it looked like the things surrounding them were a realistic and proportional size instead of the Lego’s looking very tiny. If I could take more pictures I would take pictures of more Lego’s in the outdoors and come up with more ideas of where to put them.

Going for a Float
Boat in the Grass?
Poisonous Picnic

Lego Photography

In this project we had to take pictures of legos and make it seem as if they are life-sized. The only techniques I used were obviously macro photography, rule of thirds, and angles. If I had to take 5 more pictures I would recreate scenes/battles from Star wars with clone troopers like in the jungle and maybe with ewoks or something.


Lego Portraits

In this photo, I had to get up close to Lego characters and take macro photos of their actions. I had to make sure it was as if the Lego had been in the real world. Like my previous Macro Photos project, we had to take macro photos of the Legos and their actions. The most challenging part of this project would be positioning the Legos into certain actions, as they can’t stand still easily and aren’t flexible. If I had the ability to take more photos in different locations, I would take more photos outdoors with various actions and characters. Maybe even some funny and weird photos.

Grilling the chicken.
The American Dream.
Hanging in there.

Lego Portraits

For this project, we took very close up pictures of Legos, to make them look like they are normal size and not tiny objects. Also, our pictures were supposed to tell a story of something happening. Similarly to the macro pictures, we had to take very close up pictures of objects without them becoming out of focus. Once again, I used the VSCO app to focus my pictures as best as possible.The hardest part of this project for me was to come up with good ideas to take pictures that made sense and were original. Also, I had trouble taking pictures from a good angle. If I were to take 5 more pictures, I would photograph different characters and maybe even more interesting scenes, outdoor and inside.

Going for a Float
Boat in the Grass?
Poisonous Picnic

Lego Shots

What I and Carmelo did was take macro pictures of Lego figures in various scenarios and made them look realistic. We used skills from the other macro project, making sure that the objects weren’t blurred. Thinking about places to do the project was difficult.


This project was all about taking close up photos of Lego people, and making it look like they are the size of a human to create a scene. One skill I have is taking close up photos, because the project Macro Photography. It was challenging trying to find an area perfect for the scene, such as the photo I used as my favorite photo, the storm trooper in the jungle photo. If I were to take 5 more photos, I would take more organized, more quality photos and take more time to make better photos.

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trooper in the forest