Action Photos

This is a picture of Kameran Williams doing a cartwheel in out stairwell. To capture her in a full movement I put the camera in burst mode to get all the movement. I recommend using burst mode and when taking the pictures stay in the same position the whole time so your pictures will be easier to edit. If I could, I would want to photograph track, someone doing the 40 yard dash. However in this project I had to take multiple pictures of action then I had to put them together in Photoshop and clean up the edges. To see 6 single action pictures click here.

Action Shot

This project was weird and fun. I rolled down a hill. The end picture I love it looks amazing and really cool i’m happy it turned out so well. The difficult part of the project was rolling down the hill editing the photo wasn’t as challenging as a thought it would be. Overall it was a good project and it showed me what i could do with photos.

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Action Photos

During this project, we had to take photos of people and things in motion. It was a very difficult project. I had to be very patient. It took me many tries to get the right photos. It was hard to get the photo at the right timing. There are so many different ways to take theses pictures. It was very easy to find things and people to photograph in action. It may take a couple of tries to get it right, but once you do it looks so good. When taking photos on my phone I used burst mode to capture the right photos.

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