LAST PROJECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This semester has been very crazy trying to do all of these projects. But the good thing about it is that we learned many useful skills in photography. My thoughts about photography are still similar although I still think i’ts a little bit boring it was still pretty fun. I have learned to take photos in many different ways to get the best photo. My favorite project was probably the Set in The Street because my group had so many great ideas for it and it was really fun to do. Photography doesn’t really interest me as a career because as I said I think it’s boring. I don’t think i’m going to take photography in high school.

Final Project!

This semester during Photography was a really fun experience. I learned that you can take pictures using different angles and I know what many settings on cameras are for now. Photography gave me time to think about what and who I really value in my life during the 7 days project. It taught me that people look different when they smile vs. when they don’t smile during the smile project. And I also learned that you can set up a set inside a place and it is unexpected when the person realizes it is fake. I had a lot of fun with my friends and pictures during photography. I still enjoy photography and want to continue learning about taking pictures when I go to High School. Now when I take pictures I use different techniques and I have to have good lighting because it makes my pictures come out better. The pictures I took before and after photography have a big difference and I’m happy I learned how to take better pictures. My favorite project was Black background because it thought me how to get the lighting in a picture right and how the lighting could affect a picture. Photography does not interest me as a career but I will continue to learn it in high school because it is fun to learn and helps me take better pictures. Down below is my favorite photo in photography because to me it is just so beautiful. This will be my last post and I will miss this class very much but I am looking forward to having it in high school next year!

Final Project

This whole semester was a huge learning experience and a time to really learn about photography. Throughout the whole semester, I learned and a ton of new skills that I am excited to apply to my everyday life. My view on photography has definitely changed, it showed how much harder it is, that there are different skills and you need more than a camera to take the photo. I take photos a whole new way, I take an account the setting, the way I am holding the camera and many more. I think that I take much better photos now than I did before I was in photography. My favorite project was the 7-day project because I got to take pictures of photos that I could use and cherish forever and that it was also an easy project since I knew what I wanted to take the pictures of. Photography definitely interests me because I get to keep my memories with me in photo form, and I would love to do that a career and help other people cherish memories. I think that I will continue learning photography in high school because I have a real interest in photography and I think I can also really become great photography. Therefore over the course of the 18 weeks, I learned a ton about photography and that I will really miss this class, but I won’t stop taking photos and growing as photography.

Final Project