Motion Project

The objective of this project is to take a quality picture of something or someone in motion. You must be able to tell that it’s in motion though. The hardest part is finding a good picture that isn’t blurry while taking the photo. The easy part was finding things to throw, or to move. The first picture shows me flourishing cards simply. The second picture shows me kicking a soccer ball and I took the picture myself but using a timer.


In this project I titled “motion” we were sent outdoors to take a picture of someone or something moving. I have chosen 2 photos that represent motion. I chose one person and one object. The object was challenging because I had to let other people throw the object while I took the picture so I had no control over how the object (leaves) were falling. Taking a picture of a person was easier because I could move them to a spot that was convenient to me. This project was a good way to test angles of how I could take a quick picture of movement without it being a low quality, blurry photo. In conclusion, this project helped me appreciate how fast things can happen and how hard it is the capture the speed of them. 

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