7 Days

My first photo is my school. I am thankful for Lakelands because all the teachers here dedicate their time to giving me and education. The second photo is my Lakelands softball team. Although the season is over, I was very thankful to have these girls on my team because they made  it a fun experience. My third photo is on of my cats, Pajamas. I am thankful for this cat because he is so cute and entertaining. My fourth picture is My other cat, Doodles. I am thankful for my other cat because she is always by my side and she is super soft. My fifth picture is the Gaylord National hotel on the National Harbor. I am thankful for this place because I go there every year for Christmas and there is always fun activities to do. My sixth picture is the movie Trolls. I am thankful for this movie because it is my favorite movie and always makes me laugh. My last picture is me and my family at the National Harbor’s Ice. I am thankful for my family because they are funny and they take care of me.



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