Set In Street

In this project we had to take pictures of a living room we made and it is supposed to look like a real living room but it is not. This project is inspired by a New York photographer called, Justin Bettman. What he does is he makes sets in public spaces and he leaves it there so if anyone wants to use it they can. The kitchen table project was inspired by Carrie Mae. We were trying to recreate her kitchen table pictures except she took her pictures in an actual kitchen table and we took ours in a set in street. To achieve the pictures we used Photoshop and some of the tools we used were first B&W then we used the Marquee tool to change the image to a vignette to make the pictures look more realistic. To tell the story of my family I’d take a picture of us in a our very first house and one in our new one to show our evolution and where we were from and how we changed. Down below is the set we used and a picture I took with my group. If you want to see the rest click here.