Macro Portraits(With Legos)

For this project, we had to “play” with Legos. This means that the subject of our photos was the Legos. I had to have the surroundings of the Legos to scale with the Legos. This means that it was not a Lego in a big world, it was a Lego in a small world, his world. I used techniques from my rule of thirds project, my getting close project, and my different angles project. Some parts of the project that were difficult to me was making sure that we were close enough to our Lego because if we weren’t, it would look like a Lego in a big world, not a small one. If I could, I would like to take a bunch of Legos, have them next to the barre, and make them dance. I would also love to take a picture of a Lego next to bugs, since the two are close in size. It would be like a massive bug! All in all, I didn’t really like this project that much because I am not the biggest toy person, but if you are, this project is for you!

Taking the Time to Smell the Roses

Lego Shots

The assignment was to take pictures of lego people in there own miniature worlds. The pictures needed to be taken like another lego person could’ve taken the shot. The easy part was setting up the shots. The hard part was positioning the camera so that it looked natural.

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Getting Close

For this project we had to take a close up and focus on the main subject of the picture. Something that made my project successful was taking the pictures from different angles so that the camera could focus on the raindrops. A difficulty I came across while taking the pictures for this assignment was getting the camera focused on the subject. Or getting the photo to be more clear and not blurry. If I could, I would choose to photograph the stars in the night sky if I had the equipment. Above is my favorite picture out of the other 9 I took, to see the rest click here.

Catch The Action

In this project, we needed to take pictures of something or someone in action. To help capture the images I set the camera Drive Mode to Continuous Shooting. A tip I would recommend anyone taking action photos is to try your best not to move the camera. If I could I would photograph skateboarding because you can get some really cool pictures. Below is one of the photos I took and a stacked one. Click here to see the rest of my photos.

Lego Shots

What I and Carmelo did was take macro pictures of Lego figures in various scenarios and made them look realistic. We used skills from the other macro project, making sure that the objects weren’t blurred. Thinking about places to do the project was difficult.

Action Photos

In this project, we had to take pictures of people doing an action. We had to make sure the action couldn’t be staged. One thing I did when taking action pictures was I took bursts so I could get the right picture. One tip I have for taking action pictures is to be patient. You might not get the picture on the first shot but you will get it eventually. A sport I would like to take photos for would be snowboarding. Overall, I really enjoyed this project because there were lots of different things you could have done with the project.

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Close-up Shots

In this project, I took close up shots of objects and nature. For these pictures, I used the app VSCO because the camera on the app allows the user focus on a certain point in the picture. It was difficult finding subjects but then I realized zooming in on regular objects and focusing it would do the job. I would want to photograph something from space because lots of things in space aren’t necessarily solids and seeing it up close would be astounding to see.

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Close Up Photography

For this task, we had to take pictures of regular objects up close. Using VSCO helped me take pictures closer. It was hard to get close to the object without the camera unfocussing. I found little tiny red bugs called, clover mites and I think they would be cool to photograph. To see my other pictures click here.

Getting Close

This project was to take a photo of an object or person close up. The project was to make the picture look as if it was photoshoped when it really wasn’t. In this project I found it easiest to take pictures of plants as they didn’t move and you could get multiple other objects in the background. The only thing that I found hard was when I was too close to an object and my camera wouldn’t focus. If I had the time, I would take a picture of an ant, which I tried to do, but couldn’t find one big enough.

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For this project, we had to take pictures of objects in motion. I used the camera app and I had to take the photo at the right moment, so this project took some time. If you’re using a phone, I recommend you to use burst, its when you spam the camera button. It will take a lot of photos and you can choose from there which one you think is best. I would like to take a closeup of a bird from close. Click here to see more photos.