Rule Of Thirds

I learn so much through this project of using rule of thirds. I think I did well using the line to set objects stands out and create a focal point. But for the cloud photos, that color or patterns of the cloud did not stand out. So I used the camera edit to make the color darker. I changed my thoughts through this project, because I am able to learn how to look at a photo using rule of third, and take pictures using rule of thirds. Here’s how I used the “Lines” to take photos. First, I used 1/3 of the photo focus on the Marelin’s whole face. For the rest of the photos, I used the line to make sure the objects are on the second line.

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Rule of Thirds

When taking my photos for the rule of thirds, it was easy to set up the shot. On settings on my phone I turned on the grid for my camera. Using the grid on my camera, I lined up my person and/or my objects on one third of the grid on my phone. Your eye automatically focuses on the rule of thirds. In this project, it was hard to edit the photos so that the object or person is exactly on the rule of thirds. Before this project, I had no clue what the rule of thirds was, but now, I can use it with any pictures I take. Click here to see all of my photos, here.