Getting Close

This project was about going up to living and non-living objects and taking pictures of those objects up close. When I was taking pictures, what worked really well for me was getting close to the object and getting farther away until it focused on the object. The only new thing I did for this project was taking the pictures all the way up close which was actually pretty interesting to do. There wasn’t any challenges I came across when doing this project considering it was pretty easy to do. Since I walk to school, I can just take some during that time. Sometimes when I was trying to get close to an object, the camera wouldn’t focus so I had to keep moving the camera until it did focus. If I had the time and money, I would like to photograph the Eiffel Tower from the bottom up. Here is a like to all my pictures.

Set In The Street

This project is based around a kitchen table in a place or location where someone built a set and a person takes a picture while set zoomed in and one zoomed out. Each person in our group took one of the picture ( Lauren, Ella, and Emilia ). To edit my pictures, I used photo shop. The tools I used in photo shop, to edit my pictures was the feather tool, as well as the lasso to darken the picture at the top. If I had to choose a location to take pictures to tell my families story, I would choose our second living room. If I took pictures with my family, you would see me watching TV with my two dogs on my lap. Another picture you would see is, my parents sitting on the couch eating dinner, and me sitting on the floor eating my dinner.


In this project, we had to take pictures of people with a black background. The pictures should not have a shadow. To make this happen we had to make to shutter speed longer. The hart part was positioning the light so it would’t have a shadow. The easy part was posing for the camera.  You can see the rest of my photos here.