Light Graffiti

My group took our pictures by taking our lights (Phone or mini light) and putting them in various formations. We set up the camera and kept it opened for 15 seconds. I took this picture by making lots of dots and lines. It worked vary well to have many people working at once to achieve the drawling. It was harder to remember to turn off the light when walking away because it produced unwanted lines. I got really annoyed when the lights would get really thick and produce a lot of light. Causing there to be no real shape to anything.

White Background

For this project we did a infinite background. To do that we got behind the white background then we angled the light so there is no shadow showing. After we took the camera and took the picture.It worked well to use the white light, the yellow light created shadows and yellow edges. It was hard to position ourselves in a way where there was no shadow behind us.