What drew me to the Iwo Jima flag raising was the fact was that my grandfather was part of it. However due to further research I found out that this photo is the 2nd flag raising, and that my grandfather was in the first flag raising. The 2nd one became more popular in America, but the first one the more important one during the battle. I don’t feel anything overwhelming, but I feel like I get a glimpse of what my grandfather went through. 


What drew me to the photo was the weakened state of the child. I didn’t understand why that vulture was there until I read the description and I realized that it was stalking the child for food. I was overcame with pity for the child because she was trying to get to a food center, but was being hunted at the same time. I can understand the grief the photographer went through as he saw this happening. 2 months after his photo won the Pulitzer prize he took his life. This really shows what is wrong with the world.

In the 2nd photo I would’ve without a thought carried the child but also keeping some distance and sprint him/her to the food center. Even if I received a disease of it, it would have been different.

2nd Exhibit: 911

The Timeline of 911. Even though I wasn’t alive to witness it (thank god), it gives me a feel or “taste” of what happened that day.  I learned a lot of information about 9/11 including the jumpers which were very sad. It fits into the newseum because reporters and journalist were all over to record the event which is why we  can re witness it in such detail.