Black Background

In this assignment we set the camera to be less sensitive to light to make the black background look like it wasn’t there. We also shined a light onto our faces so that our faces would be lit up. Also I used Photoshop to clear up any shadows that appeared behind us. If people moved while we tried to take the picture it was very blurry.

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White Background

During this project we had to set the camera to be more sensitive to light. We did this so that we didn’t look like we were standing in front of a background. One thing that hard was making sure the background did not have shadows on it. To prevent this we changed the angle of the light so that there weren’t any shadows.

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For this assignment we had to take photos with a white and black background. The process of taking the photos was a bit tricky being that we that we had to make sure that when using the light, there was no shadow. If there was a slight shadow we needed to make sure that while editing we could eliminate that, but we couldn’t paint on a background. We were able to take successful photos but some photos with the black background had a glare of light in the background, and that was hard to eliminate without making the person un-detectable. Link to the photos.


For this assignment I had to edit all 6 picture by using adobe photo shoot. i had to make the back ground darker and the person lighter. the quality of the camera worked but some pictures turned out blurry and every time I tried to make the background darker and the person lighter some parts like the eye would not appear and would be black. if you want to see the rest of the picture click here.


My group and I had to change the shutter speed to let  it be open for a certain amount of time. we also had to change the sensitivity of the light which is called ISO. when we took the picture we held a light and faced it on that white back ground. I used Adobe Photo shoot to edit the back ground. there wasn’t much shadow and the back screen was bright. Sometime the shadow would show  near the person. If you want to see the rest of the picture click here