Photo with White Background

For this projects, we had to create portraits of each other with an a white background. We had to use the manual settings of the camera to make all of our photos look right. It was difficult to get the lighting perfect. You had to position the lights correctly so there were no shadows on the background. It was easy to adjust the camera settings such as shutter speed. Here is a link to all my pictures. Below is my favorite photo.

White Background

For this project, we had to make the background look infinite.One thing I did was I adjusted the camera to make it more sensitive to the light, so the background looked at bright as possible. While I was editing I found it super easy to adjust the brightness. One thing I struggled with was getting the the proper adjustments to the camera. It was challenging to get rid of yellower areas.

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White background

In this project, me and my group had to stand in front of a white backdrop and shine a light on each other. we had to make so the background would disappear or become inadvisable. I felt it was hard to get the right picture because I kept messing up and moving the camera.

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White Background

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The white background photos were quite easy for the entire group. This was my favorite picture due to the pose that Gage was doing. Within this photo the most important thing was lighting to make the background look infinite, I was the person with the light so I had to shine it on the paper.

Portraits with White Background

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For this project we had to take pictures of people against a white background and make it look infinite. white taking pictures with our camera, we had to make it more light sensitive to the light. When we tried the camera with no light sensitivity the picture looked dim.

White Background

When I was taking my white background photos, we had to set the ISO on a higher sensitivity, but we had to be careful with shadows. We had to make sure it didn’t look like we were taking photos behind a blank piece of paper. It made a difference when we were setting the ISO settings on high and it made the photo better. But the challenge was trying to kill the shadows that interfered with the photos.

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