Rule of Thirds

For this project, Charles and I decided to focus on the rule of thirds principle, where certain objects you want more focus on will catch the eyes of the viewer if you position them on 3 horizontal and 3 vertical lines. I was very interested in this project and I would certainly say that it has been my favorite so far. I found it easy to position Charles, and other inanimate objects, in ways to create a clever and intriguing image, but I found it difficult to find the specific locations necessary to take the photo. Before now, I hadn’t thought much about how I could revolutionize my photos by simply matching something with a camera line, but now that I know how, I think I will use this method many, many more times.

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Rule Of Thirds

I think that overall what worked and what was easiest for me was aligning the person or the object with the lines. What didn’t work mostly was making the picture look professional and interesting. Before we started the project I thought that rule of thirds really wasn’t needed but near the end of the project I realized that it makes the picture look a lot better quality. I set up the shot with the lines over top of the main subject of my photo.

Here are my photos:–madipDg0d2OzLwFtQFbNU22spqx

Rule of Thirds

Instead of the main focal point being in the center. In Rule of Thirds, the focal point is off to the side. What worked for me is what the main focal point of the picture should be, but what was kind of difficult is where I should place it in the photo. When I first started this project I didn’t really understand the point of Rule of Thirds, but now I understand how it gives you different types of pictures without the object being your whole picture. In the pictures that I took, I made sure that everything wasn’t on the same line and the picture captured the background as well.

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Rule of Thirds

For this assignment, we had to take photos inside and outside using the rule of thirds technique. To take a successful photo using this technique, you have to align an object or a person using an imaginary grid. The grid is split into thirds, and you place objects you want to stand out on the intersections. At first I thought this photo project would be super easy, but it was a little more challenging then I thought.

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Rule of thirds!

The rule of thirds is basically taking a photo like looking at something and then looking the background of it. Something that worked well in this project would be taking the photo. Something that was hard to do was looking the right spot to take the photos. Honestly this project was kinda fun but kinda difficult at the same time. I think it was more fun at the beginning but then it got kinda boring. While I was taking the photos I used the lines to help it make rule of thirds. And then I just placed something or someone in the line. Click here to see the rest of my photos!

Rule of thirds

Rule of Thirds is when you place everything in a photo on “lines” that help the viewer go from one part of the picture to the other. The “lines” are a group of lines on a camera that divides the image into nine even pieces. What worked was placing the subject wear the lines on the sides meet. What didn’t work was placing the subject directly in the center of the photo. At the beginning of the project, I thought this project would be really easy but then I realized I always center the subject of my photos. Below I put my favorite photo with a person and my favorite without a person. Click here to view the rest.

Rule Of Thirds

In this assignment you have to take photos using the Rule of Thirds Grid. It was hard to find objects and a good background to take a photo. It was easy to go outside and find things but if your inside it made is very difficult for me to find a good object. I thought that the Rule of Thirds were going to be useless in this assignment but they helped a lot to take the photo. I think now that I know how to use the Rule of Thirds it’s useful, and helps the photo very well. I use the left and right lines because they made the photos look nice with the background.

Rule of Thirds

When taking my photos for the rule of thirds, I used the grid on the camera. Using the grid, I lined up my person and/ my objects on one third of the grid on my camera. Your eye automatically focuses on the rule of thirds. In this project, it was hard to edit the photos so that the object or person is exactly on the rule of thirds. Before this project, I had no clue what the rule of thirds was, but now, I can use it with any pictures I take.

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