Kitchen Table

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This project was based on pictures taken by Justin Bettman who creates scenes in the middle of a public space that doesn’t match the public area. We took pictures in this scene in the middle of an open area in the front of our school. Then we edited our pictures to make them look similar to Carrie Mae Weems’ work . To edit our pictures we used Photoshop. In Photoshop we used the marquee tool to make the shape of the darkened, shadow part of our photos. Then to adjust the darkness on the shadow part we used the black and white graph tool. If I were to capture my family’s story in a place it would be in my family’s living room because we spend most of our time in the living work either watching tv, doing work, sleeping, eating, etc. . You would see our tv, couch, coffee table, fish tank, our fire place and a couple of blankets and pillows.

Set In the Streets

We need to take a picture of us doing something at a table and with a light above us. We got this idea from Justin Bettman and Carrie Mae Weems

In photo shop we used the marquee tool to give the picture the little darker part of the picture. then we also turned it black and white. If I had to choose a place it would be the couch and we would all be watching something cause we always used to watch shows. You can see the rest of my photos here.

Set In The Street

This is a project where we had to take four pictures at a kitchen table, all with a different story, and all with the same scene. The photographer I used in this photo is Alexis. If I could take one picture with my family it would be on Christmas because everybody is together and we are all happy. You can find all of my photos here.

I should study more….

Set In the Streets

 For this project we had to take pictures revolving around a kitchen table and what we do there.Each picture has to be something, have a story. This project was inspired by Justin Bettman and Carrie Mae Weems. Too edit this photo in Photoshop I used the crop tool, B&W, Curves, and the marquee tool. If I had a place to tell my families story I would take my photos in the living room because that’s mostly where we are and it’s are “living” room. Many things have happened in that room. We would see two kids growing, two different dogs, a one mom, there would be many happy and sad memories.

You can find the rest of my photos here.

Set in the Streets

My project was about how we had to have a seen and not be paying attention even know we had a camera. It was had to get the right picture because we were not aloud to look at that the camera. One of the easier parts was getting in place and have what we wanted. A other thing that was easy was to get props. You can find more here.