5 Shots

In this project, we had to take pictures of 3 different objects in 5 different angles and a picture of a person. the different angles is the hardest part of this project because you have to have the right angle or else it will look bad. The hardest object to photograph was the crayons because there was a limited number of angles I could have done. Now I feel like I’m more creative in taking pictures and I can make my photos more interesting. Go here to find more photos…https://drive.google.com/open?id=1-0ureMNzSoflvqeR9gKe0h8zWdO-Afil

5 shots

For this project, we had to take five pictures of something from 5 different angles. In this project was hard to come up with five angles. After taking a couple of photos, you had to get creative to find the rest of the angles for your photos. The hardest item to photograph was Gage because he is taller than me. It was difficult to get the photos I too above his head. This project helped me find more interesting angles to take pictures at to make them look better. Here is link to all my photos. Below is my favorite picture.

Five Shots

This assignment was lots of fun and some challenges. First reason why this assignment was fun was because I got to stand on tables and go upstairs to take a photo. A reason why it was challenging was because I had to actually find the angles. Finding good angles where hard but fun in the end. This assignment taught me how to take very good angles and that I shouldn’t just take a a picture at the same angle every time.

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5 Shots

In this project, I had to take a picture of something from five different angles. It was hard to find a bunch of different pictures. I think the hardest subject to photograph was my sister because she kept moving and did not want to cooperate. This taught me that you can view many things from different perspectives. My favorite photo is the one down below. You can view the other photos here.

5 Shots

In this assignment, we had to take 5 shots, each at different angles, and do that twice. Then you had to take 5 shots of a human at different angles. It was challenging finding different angles, and getting them to work good and look good. The hardest object was the table, cause you had to be very far, couldn’t get good angles, and you would get lots of people in the way. It helped me learn how to get photos at really good angles, and how to get photos from one drive to another.

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5 shots

During this assignment I had to take 5 photos of 3 different objects all from different angles. One challenge I had during this project was thinking of different angles to take pictures from. The picture of the plant was the hardest because it was hard to find good lighting. This project helped me come up with new angles to take pictures of so they aren’t all taken straight on.

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1 Object 5 Shots

I had to make 5 photos of 3 different objects making a total of 15 photos. A challenge in this project was changing the camera angle in height, position and object itself. The crayon was a very hard to take photos of because the stairs which took away the bottom portion of photos I could’ve taken.

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1 Object, 5 Shots

During this assignment, we had to pick 3 objects including 1 person. We needed to take pictures of the objects at 5 different angles. The most challenging part was finding an object that can be taken 5 different pictures of and still look good. The hardest object for me to photograph was the purple flower. It was hard for me to photograph because the flowers were only facing in one direction. Making it difficult to get a good looking picture. This project really helped me learn to take pictures at new and better angles. I inserted my favorite photo below. Click here to view the rest.

5 Shots

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This assignment was based off of taking pictures from a different point of view in 5 different shots. A challenge during this project was getting someone or part of the entire object into the picture. Natalie was definitely the hardest to photograph because she kept moving and laughing but overall everything else was fine. This project helped me learn about new ways to take pictures effectively and easily without all of them looking the same. My favorite picture was with Natalie with her thumbs up and she agrees with me on that.

5 Shots

For this assignment “5 Shots”, we had to go out and take pictures of 3 different objects with 5 different positions. I took pictures of my shoe, a book, and Bryan. What I found challenging was that it was hard to come up with ideas on what to take a photo of. The hardest object to photograph was Bryan because he kept on moving and he was talking. This project helped me take better clear photos so I can take good pictures in the future. The photo below is my favorite picture because these Vans are one of my favorite shoes and it stands out.

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