Framing Subject

I used Rule of Thirds in this protect, which played an important role in this project.  I chose a satisfactory photo and the girl worked well with the "border". But I think the most important thing is that her smile is very appealing. In this project, I think the hardest part is composition, because I am not skilled in using the three-point method.
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Framing Your Subject

In this project, we used many different things as the frame of our photo. In this project it was difficult to position the object we were using as our frame with the outer edge of our photo. You had to keep moving around to make the photo look right. This was pretty similar to the rule of thirds project because you had to align objects with certain parts of the photo. In rule of thirds, we aligned our subject with the rule of thirds lines. In this we aligned our frame with the edge of our picture. Here is link to all my pictures. Below is my favorite photo. I liked this one because the tree was a very different frame than the ones everyone else was using.

Framing Your Subject

For this project the had to frame a person/object by using other objects to create a focal point in the picture. The reason I liked this project is because of how it is able to create such a magnificent picture. one of the things that I had found challenging about this project is finding a space where you are able to have good lighting and finding a good frame.

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