App reveiw

The apps I chose were Vsco and Snapchat. The picture of my dog was taken on snapchat. On snapchat you can use the front and back camera and use the flash along with filters to take pictures.  This is one of my favorite apps to use because its really easy to use and its also a free app. The second app I chose was Vsco. On vsco you can take pictures and apply filters that you make yourself and upload them to your account.

App Reveiw

Many people today use their phones to edit and prefect their photos and I am no exception.  One of my favorite editing apps on my phone is Pic Collage.  Using this app I am able to create awesome collages with the use of helpful grids and colorful, fun backgrounds.  But the best thing about this app, in my opinion, is the stickers.  They add a little bit of extra flare that helps put your personality into the photo.  Overall, I think the app is user friendly and great for editing photos by adding stickers and putting them into collages.  Another place that I use to edit my photos is an online site known as Fotor.  This site allows you to do more than simply add stickers.  You can add filters and effects like oil painting which changes the look of a photo and the coloration.  If you have a picture of a person you can virtually add makeup or clean it up.  I really like the filters on this site, they are aesthetically pleasing.

This is the link to Fotor if you want to use it!

As well as the photos I edited on Fotor and Pic Collage