Photo with White Background

For this projects, we had to create portraits of each other with an a white background. We had to use the manual settings of the camera to make all of our photos look right. It was difficult to get the lighting perfect. You had to position the lights correctly so there were no shadows on the background. It was easy to adjust the camera settings such as shutter speed. Here is a link to all my pictures. Below is my favorite photo.

Framing Your Subject

In this project, we used many different things as the frame of our photo. In this project it was difficult to position the object we were using as our frame with the outer edge of our photo. You had to keep moving around to make the photo look right. This was pretty similar to the rule of thirds project because you had to align objects with certain parts of the photo. In rule of thirds, we aligned our subject with the rule of thirds lines. In this we aligned our frame with the edge of our picture. Here is link to all my pictures. Below is my favorite photo. I liked this one because the tree was a very different frame than the ones everyone else was using.

Rule of Thirds

For this project, we took pictures of just about anything. We had to line up our main object with one of the 4 rule of third lines or line intersections on the camera screen. The main focus of the picture could not be in the center. This was a very easy project. There was almost no challenges. The easiest part of this assignment was positioning our camera properly so our main subject was not in the center. Here is a link to all my photos. Below is my favorite picture.

5 shots

For this project, we had to take five pictures of something from 5 different angles. In this project was hard to come up with five angles. After taking a couple of photos, you had to get creative to find the rest of the angles for your photos. The hardest item to photograph was Gage because he is taller than me. It was difficult to get the photos I too above his head. This project helped me find more interesting angles to take pictures at to make them look better. Here is link to all my photos. Below is my favorite picture.

Photo With Black Backround

The process of doing this assignment was really easy. This picture worked really well because of the lighting and theirs no shadows, We were supposed to get his whole body in the light but only got half of it.if you want to see more of my groups picture click here