Quinn’s Set In the Street

For this project, We had to use the table set and take 4 photos black and white photos. These photos should have different emotions and feelings. Also we had to take a photo of the full set in color. This project was inspired by Justin Bettman and  Carrie Mae Weems.  This two amazing people had the idea of making a story with a really cool backgrounds. They took a series of photos are these created a story line. To edit my photos I used Photoshop. In Photoshop I made my photos black and white.  Then I change the contrast and lighting.  Next, I used the elliptical tool and made a oval under the light. Then I clicked Modify. Then Clicked feather and put it in the number 200. Then I click inverse and it highlighted the top part. Then I played around with the lighting and color. In did this to all of my pictures below. We did this to make it look like we where in a real room. This made It darker above the light and so the light only shinned below. This gave it a cool effect that we were in a real dinning room. If I had to chose a place to tell my family’s story it would be in a park. You would see my brothers and I fighting, then my mom and dad yelling at us, Eating food and playing games. Also, the sun would be shinning with a bright blue sky with some clouds. 

Sad and alone 
Happy Dinner
Fighting Dinner
Dating Dinner