Framing Your Subject

In this project, we used creative frames to make our subjects stand out in the photos we took. we could use frames such as trees, windows, doors, bookshelves, etc. This relates to the rule of thirds because in the rule of thirds we put people in certain places to make the viewer look at the subject first. In this project, we put our subject in creatively placed frames so that the viewer looks at the subject through the frame.

this is my favorite photo because it includes both rule of thirds and framing your subject. I am using the bookshelves to frame my subject (Sophia) which makes it framing your subject. The bookshelves seem to all be pointing at Sophia which adds a cool effect. She is also on one of the rule of thirds lines which makes it rule of thirds as well. I faced challenges when i was trying to be creative with my frame because it seemed like everything looked the same.

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Framing your Subject

This project was about using other objects to create some sort of frame to have your subject inside of. For example, fences, benches,etc. In this photo the fence is framing the 3 guys. Some challenges I faced while taking these photos with this composition were finding the perfect position to take the photos and clearly show the boarder. It was a lot of fun testing out new boarders and seeing which one worked and which one didn’t.

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Framing Your Subject

For this project I went outside and inside to find frames could be a door way staircase, or some tree branches. I had to try to find places that have some sort of a frame in it and put my subject or object in the middle of it. This project was much harder compared to the Rule of Thirds project because it was harder to find areas around the school that I could take pictures of and I had to be more creative in this project to find the right frames for my subject. A reason why this photo was my favorite because I used the windows shadow to create the frame for Joann and turned out to look really cool. All of my photos are here

Framing your Subject

In this project we had to find a natural frame around the school and outside. We could use windows, doors, pillars, trees, etc. We had to take a picture of a subject in these frames. This project was similar to the Rule of Thirds project because both make your photos more interesting. They’re different because in the photos in Rule of Thirds, the subject isn’t in the middle of the shot. The hardest part was finding something interesting to frame my subject. Click here to see the rest of my photos.

This photo is my favorite because I liked taking photos with the railing as the frame.

Framing your subject

For this project we had to take pictures of a object or a subject using the view of an other object. This relates to rule of third because you would put the subject in the middle of the grid instead of the side. What was challenging about this project was trying to find object I could put my subject in.

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Here is my favorite picture.

Framing Your Subject

In this project, we had to use random objects as the frame of our photo such as columns or a railing. In this project it was difficult to align the frame of our photo and our subject perfectly. For example you had to move around a lot to line up your frame perfectly. After you did this you had to position your main subject in the proper place. This was relatively similar to the rule of thirds project because you had to perfectly align different things in the photo. In rule of thirds, you had to align your subject with the rule of thirds lines. In this you had to properly align your frame and subject. Here is a link to my favorite photo. Below is my favorite photo. I liked this one because The playground had many unique objects to use as frames. This was probably the best from the playground.

Framing Your Subject

In this project we had to use objects in order to frame our subjects. In my photos I used fencing and pillars to frame my subjects. This project was much easier then the rule of thirds project because although I was worried about centering the subject I was able to use the rule of thirds background that I had in order to create my photos. Some of the challenges were finding good types of framing because some of the photos that I originally had took did not work because the framing wasn’t right.

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