In this project we had to frame objects using windows, doorways, stairwells, and frame others by using ourselves. The difference between the rule of thirds project and this one is that, in the rule of thirds we had to use sort off a tick tac toe board to see where our main focus will stand out the most. In this project we had to use something that could make our object framed and when it’s framed you can really tell what the main focus. I feel like the most challenging part of this assignment was finding , in the school what my frame would be. The picture above is my favorite of all which you could see I found you click here

Framing my Subject

For this project, Charles and I went around the inside and outside of the school, and positioned ourselves so the natural and man-made surroundings almost created a picture frame. This was the idea of framing, to direct focus to your subject, using the things around you. In my last post, I said the Rule of Thirds project was my favorite activity of the quarter. But now, without a shadow of a doubt, this is even better. I took my several great photos, both inside and out, to make this entry very successful. Although it was tough to come up with new framing ideas, it seems to have worked out nicely and I would do this project again, a million times.

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This photograph is my favorite because it is in an interesting location and the bus benches have a nice silver tint that makes the image one of the best I’ve taken.

Framing Your Subject

In this project, we needed to find things indoor or outdoor that could frame your subject. In the project of Rule of Thirds, we had to use grid lines that were given to place your subject. In this project, we had to go out and find the frames. A challenge of using this type of composition is finding a “frame” that is big enough to fit the entire subject. The picture below is my favorite picture because I like the way the bike rack framed Aslyn. As well as the way the sunlight put together the entire picture. Click here to view the rest of the photos.


In this project we had to find a subject and a place to frame that subject. This project was challenging and fun. It was fun because I learned ways to make my pictures look cool and awesome. Some challenges was actually finding a subject and a frame for the subject. Overall this project was a fun learning experience that I would probably use when I take pictures anywhere.

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During this project, I took photos of different subjects using different things to frame them. We framed our subjects so that when looking at the picture your eyes go directly to the thing being framed. This is my favorite picture because I took many photos and this is the best one. One challenge I had during this project was finding different frames to take a picture though. Go here to find more…

Framing The Subject

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`This a project was all about the getting frames that you can find out in the open. To add then it would have to use a person or an object in the middle of all of it. This project and rule of thirds go hand and hand to show u what to do and make a picture interesting. This is my favorite photo due to the fact that it shows the frame and is a blurry frame and focus on the object. The composition of the photo has challenge since you have to find a good angle.

Framing Your Subject

For this project we had to incorporate the rule of thirds because we had to use different “frames” that we could find outside or inside the building. We could use anything that could surround the main focus of the picture. This project is similar to the rule of thirds but we had to make an outline to bring more attention to the main object of the picture. This picture right her is my favorite because it uses people as a frame to make the person in the middle (Me) the center of attention. I feel that this one was really creative and it created an original aspect to the picture.

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For this project we had to take pictures of people or objects in a “frame”. The frame could have been objects such as windows, doorways, or in between tree branches, etc. This project compares to the rule of thirds because they both use lines to force you to focus on the subject. These projects are also different because the rule of thirds use imaginary lines while this project uses visible lines to focus on your subject. The biggest challenge of this project was the lighting, sometimes we had really good spots to take pictures but sometimes not.

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In this project, we had to find objects that could make a natural frame of something. This assignment was similar to the rule of thirds, because when you look at a photo that uses the framing technique, your eye goes straight to whats inside the frame. This photo was my favorite because it makes the person stand out. It was a challenge to find natural frames but overall it was fun.

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For this project we had to find places where if you take a picture there will be a box or shape surrounding the object or person.The rule of thirds were easier than this project and i liked rule of thirds better.The challenges we faced were trying to find good framing.My favorite picture is the 4th one because the frame is a box of nerds.Click here to see more.