Scoring Rubric

Each project will be scored twice.  You will earn a score for your written post (x1).  You post will include frustrations, what worked, new skills, thoughts as a photographer, and what would you try next time.  The second score for each project will be earned for the photos you submit (x2).  Your photos will be scored on your ability to meet the requirements of the project, the quality of the photos, and the editing of the final portfolio.


Post must include (scored x1):

Required content specified in post “From Mr. Fitz’- 50 points

Active link to album that opens in separate tab: 10 Points

Post is in correct category: 10 Points

Final photos are accessible (sharing options): 10 Points

Post includes a picture from project (more may be required): 10 Points

Post is written using proper capitalization, spelling, punctuation, and grammar: 10 Points

Photo Scoring (scored x2):

Meets the requirements of the project: 40 Points

Photos are clear, in focus: 30 Points

Photos are organized for publishing (slideshow, Giphy, Google Photos): 20 Points

Photos are original and “live” from this semester: 10 Points