24 colors

This picture was taken in the music hallway from our school !

This project was a series of crayon pictures matched with the same colored objects around our school! There were many, many challenges during the making of all these photos, such as making sure it wasn’t blurry or making the crayon balance on something that was unstable, or anything in general. I think out of everything the hardest thing was making sure all the colors match ! the easiest thing I believe was making sure the color wasn’t repeated and finding a place to put it on the object, all though it was, like I said difficult to balance. My favorite picture out of all was the one I displayed above and you can see the rest if you just click here !

24 Colors

This assignment was to get a box of 24 crayons and take pictures with the crayons. you had to choose an object that matched every crayon color. it was hard for me to find a good match for every color and especially because there were 3 blues that looked almost identical. I found that once I found a good match to a color, it was easy for me to get a good angle of the crayon.

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For this assignment, my classmates and I had to take 24 pictures of crayons blended in with objects of the same color. This project was very difficult to find colors exactly like the crayons. Especially in our school, a very non colorful place, we had to be very observant of our surroundings. It was easy to take the photos of the crayons because they are so small.

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24 colors

For this project we had to to go around the school and take 24 pictures for each crayon color. As we were walking around we had to match a background color with the same crayon color. The challenging part about this project was making sure the background matched well and that the lighting was good. The easiest part of the project was uploading the pictures to drive and then to the computer. These are my photo’s


This assignment was to take 24 crayons of different colors and match them to different things of simmilar colors. The most challenging thing was to find matches for things like dark blue or light purple. besides that everything was pretty easy


My 24 Colors

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This assignment was annoying but fun because you had to use 24 crayons and find an object in the same color as the crayon. At first this assignment was fun but it got boring really quickly. One of the challenges I faced was finding the exact same color as the crayon. Posting and editing the pictures were a little hard. Taking the pictures was easy and some of the colors were easy to find. My favorite picture I took was this photo.

24 colors

In this assignment we had to take pictures of 24 crayons but in a place that was the same color as the crayon. Some challenges of the project was finding the right color for the background placing the camera right. The easy part of this assignment was taking the picture using the camera was really easy. It was really fun searching the right color.

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24 Colors

To do this project my partner and I went around the school taking pictures of various items next to the matching crayon color. This project was relatively easy to do but one challenge was uploading all the pictures. This picture is my favorite since it’s a doughnut lol. And this picture has good depth.

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Color Project

I had to take 24 pictures that matched the 24 crayons. The
challenge was that I couldn’t find some colors that matched anything. I found the bright colors to be easy to find. Click here to see the rest of my photos.

24 Crayons Pd:7

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The 24 crayons project was a project where you take 24 crayons and match it with a background of the same color. The biggest challenges of the project was finding the backgrounds, most of the school is the same color. When we went outside there was a different variety of colors and it made the project 10 times easier. My favorite was the the one on the fire drill, it is tough.