Portraits With Black Background

To take pictures we used the camera on manual and used a light to put it on the person, not on the background.  We stood in front of the light so it won’t get on the black background.  I would say what didn’t work was putting the light on the background, it made the background stay brighter then its supposed to be.  What worked was turning the person lighter, so the background looks like a black hole.  If you want to see all my pictures click here

Portraits with an Infinite Background

So to take the photos we had to put the camera to manual, we had to hold a light too.  The background was a white paper.  To edit the photos we had to go to Adobe Photoshop but not to photoshop but to change the light settings.  I added a picture I took and messed with the contrast and the background lightness.  So I made the background lighter and the person darker.  Then I cut the edges because it was yellow.  I would say the person being color than just grey is better.  What didn’t work was the contrast of black and white.  If you want to see the rest of my photos, click here