Last Project

This whole semester has been an amazing time and experience. We took all kinds of photos with new and better editing techniques such as brightness and contrast in Photoshop. To be completely honest, at first when I signed up for photography I thought we would be given cameras and learn how to use it and take good photos. Little did I know we would be using our phones 24/7 (of course not counting the portraits). My thoughts have changed about photography greatly considering I never knew taking photos with your phone could have a technique as well. Now since our Rule of Thirds project, I kept the thirds grid on my phone to keep things straight. My favorite project has to go to the action because it was extremely fun to use the burst setting and catch incredible photos not only in rule of thirds, but like a moment stopped in time. Yes, photography does interest me as a career but, it won’t be enough unless I somehow out of a miracle get successful with just photography. If I’m not too busy with other classes and activities, yes I would take photography in high school. I couldn’t choose a favorite photo from the semester, but one of my favorites lies beneath. I’m sure tech ed will not be as exciting as photography.

Final Project

This semester, we did many projects in photography. At the beginning of the year, we started off with easy projects, such as taking pictures of crayons, and matching their colors with objects around us. As we got further into the semester, we started using different settings on the camera and experiment with new angles and poses. We also learned how to use Photoshop, so that we can modify the color and brightness of our photos, to make them better. Since I started photography, I have learned that I love taking pictures. I love finding the perfect spot to take a picture, and finding the right settings to make it beautiful. I have changed my ways of taking photos, by how I look for light sources when I take photos, and change settings on the camera when needed. My favorite project was the light graffiti project, because I really liked how we could use different colored light to draw pictures in the dark. I don’t think I would persue photography as a career, but I think I would be nice to take some time to just take pictures, because I think it is fun. I would really like to take photography is high school, because I would like to add on to what I have learned this semester about photography, and improve on my photography skills.


This semester was amazing. I love this class so much. My thoughts on photography has changed so much. I learned that photography is more than just pressing a button. It’s about color, lighting, composition, framing, etc. The way I take photos has changed so much over the whole semester. My favorite project was the action. I loved taking photos of the strawberries!! I love photography so much and I am definitely continuing it next year and maybe travel places to make videos. Click here for my final photos for this class and click here to watch my Asia video. Mr. Fitz is the best!!! I’ll miss you!!

Last Project

This year I learned as a student in photography that most people didn’t even know about their phone’s true potential. Scenes, objects, people, and so much more can be discovered or interpreted in different ways through just one photograph. The whole semester I learned this and how to really create a great picture with just my phone. This semester of photography has changed my whole perspective on photography by introducing me to many new experiences taking amazing photos. My photos will never be the same because of this semester, teaching me how to capture well-taken photos whenever I have my phone out. My favorite project of the semester was the Close Up Project that made us use our phones to zoom in to take a picture of objects that could be easily passed by someone that hadn’t even noticed the object in it’s actual size. This was my favorite project because the pictures that I had taken for this project came out being really well. For example, the picture shown above is one of my personal favorites from that project and out of all the pictures I took this semester. Photography this semester has interested me very much along with some of the pictures I’ve taken. My experience in this class has persuade me to keep taking photography in high school, and maybe even regard photography as a future career.


Overall I think this semester of photography has been totally amazing. As a matter of fact this has been my favorite class, ever! It even beats gym which has been the reigning champ for the last 8 years! My thoughts have changed about photography. At first I thought photographers were creepy people, in bushes, taking photos. Now I realize that photographers are like artists that use the world as their canvas. I have definitely changed the way I take photos. I used to just click without thinking, but now I actually pay attention to what i’m doing. My favorite project was the smile , because I like talking to people while I take pictures of them. I’m not sure if photography interests me as a career, but definitely a hobby. I would love to continue photography in high school. That’s my favorite picture up there!!!

Final Project ?

This semester has been loads of fun! Between taking pictures with friends and doing queer poses I have had a fantastic time! Photography has become my favorite class, I love walking around the school taking pictures with friends! In every project we did I faced some kind of challenge that I had to get through. These challenges can range from trying to find a new and interesting angle for a photo to trying to do a sashay step leap at the same time as my friend. (we never got that right) What I thought the class would be like and what it was like was different. I thought we would learn how to use a regular camera instead of taking pictures with our iphones almost the whole time. Besides that, I didn’t know what to expect. Because of this class, I now look at things and think oh that would make a great photo! This can be very annoying, especially when I don’t have a camera with me. The way I take photos has changed a lot from when I fist started. I learned some really cool tricks through this class. They include taking a photo while on the ground so the noun you are photographing looks higher than it is, and the longer you leave the shutter open on a camera, the more light comes in. These two tricks helped me on multiple projects and made my photos better. I now take most of my photos on an angle or on the rule of thirds. My favorite project would have to be Action. I loved leaping and dancing with my friends in photos. I tried new dance moves my friend recommended and did them to the best of my ability. Overall this project was tons of fun and I would definitely do it again! I don’t think I would want to do photography as a career, I would want to do it more as a hobby. I really like photography don’t get me wrong, but I wouldn’t want it as a main job. I’m not sure if I will take photography in high school. I am debating if I want to do photography, drawing, or drama. They are all a lot of fun and I wish I didn’t have to choose only one. All in all, because that’s how I end all my posts. Photography was a very fun class with a lot of freedom to it. I loved hanging out with my friends and taking photos. Writing up my post was also fun, it was nice to reflect on what I did. Below is my favorite photo from a project I did.


I had a lot of fun this semester of photography class. Our class has done so many different projects and each of them has shown me something new about photography.  A lot of our projects were collaborative projects, like Light Graffiti. I didn’t even know that it was even possible to draw with light using a camera before this class. I have had a lot of fun with all the projects I’ve completed and they drove me to take pictures outside of school. This class completely changed the perspective of photography. It is so much more than taking a picture. I had never really thought about what it takes to be a photographer and to take good photos. It is much harder than I would have originally imagined, but also more entertaining. I think that it is really fun to use these techniques to improve my photos. I now use what I have learned when I’m taking any photo and it has definitely improved the quality of my photos. My favorite project that we have done this semester was the macro. I loved how you could make any person that looks at the photo only look at one thing. I also liked taking close up pictures because they looked as our generation says “aesthetically pleasing”. I think I will most definitely take photography next year in the 9th grade its a fun and creative thing that I like to do. In conclusion, this is the best elective I had ever chosen in the 3 years that I have had to choose an elective. Here is the link to my scavenger hunt photos. Here are my scavnger hunt photos.

Final Post

I loved doing photography this semester because it is a type of art that I have not ever really tried doing until now, and I realized it was really fun! The projects that we did were really fun, and at the same time educational, because we learned about the rule of thirds, up close photography, how to make it black and white, how to change the contrast, and how to get different angles. My thoughts have changed on photography, because before, I thought it was boring to take pictures since I didn’t know different techniques on how to take them, but now it’s almost impossible not to think of one!

My favorite project from this semester was the Light Graffiti project. I loved this project because it was really cool how we turned the lights off and drew in the air with flashlights/colorful lights. My group made really cool angel wings and a halo on someone that was standing in front of the camera. We also wrote out the letter of LPMS in different colors, and in my opinion it came out really well.

When I grow up, I want to be a Wildlife Veterinarian Rehabilitator, but being photographer and taking pictures of animals in the wild doesn’t sound bad at all. I will definitely continue to learn photography and I will definitely take it next year in high school because this semester was really really fun, and I am going to miss having this class so much! Thank you Mr. Fitz!

Average Joe’s

During these two semesters of school I have learned so many different ways of taking pictures. I have learned from other projects, creative ways to use color, composition, framing, and lighting. My thoughts have not changed about photography because I expected to make portfolios and blogs in this class. although at times some projects were complex. My ways of taking photos have changed they are more clear and have more elements involved in the picture. My favorite project was Set in the Street project because my group and i had fun decorating and setting up our theme/ story for the picture. photography does interest me as a career for parties or weddings. I will continue this class in high school because we get to explore new things and its fun to do.

Last Post

Honestly we did a decent amount this semester. But I enjoyed a lot of it. Even though there were times were I just didn’t wanna take photos and just sit and sleep. But most of the time I really liked taking the pictures that I took. I’ve always liked photography so it honestly just make me like it more and actually have motivation to take more pictures. I’ve kinda learned how to use that big brick of a camera. But I haven’t really changed on how I take pictures. My favorite project had be up close cause I had got a lot of really good pictures from that. I mean photography always had me interested to make it a career for me. Of course I am gonna keep going with photography throughout high school. Here is my favorite picture I have taken.