Quinn’s 7 Days

For this project we had to take 7 photos of things or people we are thankful for. The first photo I took was of my dog. I’m thankful for my dog because he makes me happy and helps me when i’m stress. The second photo is part of my family. I’m thankful for them because they help and support me for everything that I do. The third photo is of my friend, i’m thankful for her because she always makes me laugh and smile. The forth photo is of my ukulele, I’m thankful of it because it helps me get out stress and if I had a hard day I would just play some tunes. The fifth photo is of my phone. I’m thankful for my phone because that’s how I Face time and text my friends and family.  The sixth photo is of New York City. I’m thankful for New York City because that’s where my aunt lives and I love seeing her. New York City is like my second home. Lastly I’m thankful for my brothers. I’m thankful for them because sometimes we hang out when we aren’t fighting with each other. If you want to see my photos there down below.