I used the “Camera Captures Horror” photo taken by Charles Porter IV. In this photo, you can see a fireman holding a baby who was trapped in a building after a bombing. The photo was taken in 1995 and it was really touching and sad.  What drew me to the photo was the child covered in ashes and it was so sad.



I also used the “Babe Ruth’s Final Goodbye” photo was taken in 1948 by Nat Fein. The photo was interesting because everybody was standing in honor of him and the crowds all crazy because of the legend. It was sad and a cool picture because of all of the respect he earned.

I would not be able to take the first photo because it was so sad and I would have to be a normal human and help the people, not photograph. The second photo would be much easier to take because it isn’t as emotional.

The exhibit that I visited was the FBI exhibit. It was really cool and I could see the actual artifacts including 911 parts, bombing stuff, and more. There was a lot of stuff on terrorist attacks which was scary and even the Unibomber’s cabin.

Here’s the like to the Pulitzer Prize photos:

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