Catch The Action

     For this project we had to take 8-10 photos of any sort of action. This doesn’t mean though that the background had to be blurry, but there just had to be some sort of action going on. For these pictures we set the camera to manual mode, so that we could manually adjust the camera to the best settings. The one big thing we had to change was the ISO to 1/800, so that it could capture all the action. To set up most of our shots, we planned out what we were going to do and at what angle the picture was going to be at, in order to get the best photo possible. For many of our photos, we had to take multiple in order to get a good shot. One big thing that helped me capture the action, was to take my photos in a burst so that you have a greater chance of getting a good photo. Finally, if I could be at any sports event to take a photo, personally  I would be at a football game because there is lots of action and opportunities to take good photos.

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