Pulitzer prize

The photo I chose was Daniel Berehulak on the Ebola outbreak. He took most of his pictures in Monrovia.It was really sad seeing all the people being carried away.

The second picture I chose was the one by Don Bartlelli about the struggles of Immigrating to the US.It was interesting seeing how much they struggle trying to get across the border.I don’t think I could be able to just take pictures I would want to help them.

Another exhibit that I liked was the FBI exhibit because they had the actual evidence from the crime scenes. The best piece was the Uni bomber cabin it was very interesting because it was so small and it was where he made all of his bombs

Pulitzer Prize

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This is a picture of a boyfriend who was going to watch his girlfriend run the race and got affected by the Boston bombing, token by Josh Haner.  He was in physical therapy and he was so exhausted so he is just  laying there.  This photo makes me feel overwhelmed and said for his family because anyone could of been affected.  This man now has to live his whole life suffering from this bombing.

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This is a picture of a mom and her kids getting affected by the Kenyan mall massacre, taken by Tyler Hicks.  Tyler got a call to go to  the mall to take photos and got to take this quick photo before being ushered into safety.  This photo makes me upset cause when I look at this I imagine my own family in this situation and it makes me very upset.  The part of the photo that made me the most upset was the bullets around the family.