Kenia’s Light Graffiti

In this project we first chose a group and in our group there were 7 people. And to take the pictures like this with our name or drawings,And the one that was taking the photos kept the button pressed and when the other finished drawing or writing Name or words, then the one who was taking pictures pressed the button and leg go the picture and waited for 2 to 3 seconds and the picture came out with what we drew or wrote. Usually we use the light from our phone and turn off the light of the main gym so that it could look cool, It was very good to do this project because we learned more new things. And if you want to see our photos just click Here

Quinn’s Light Graffiti

I took my photos by going to a dark room and using phones, glow sticks and flashlights to draw objects and our name.  The first set was making the camera lined up in middle right where you want to take your photos. Then we change the setting too this allowed us to take as long as we need drawing with the lights. Someone had to hold down the button then let go when the others where done drawing. Then we had to wait for a few seconds to allow the picture to prepossess. The thing that work was using our phones as lights. My group and I had an idea to go online to find a plain color background then we took a screenshot, turn up the brightness, then we drew.  The things that didn’t work was trying to draw a landscape, this was really had to color all the way in. The things that frustrated me was standing still because if you moved you could end up fuzzy. An idea I have to take this project to the next level is to take a photo of a landscape with people or animals then you try to recreate the same image. The same colors and try to add ideals into the drawing. Below is my favorite photo from this project and if you would like to see the rest of my photos click here.