5 Camera Angles

In this project, I was required to take 5 pictures at 5 different angles for one object. One of the challenges of the project was to find an angle that would work, and that would actually look good. The hardest object to take pictures of was the Chromebook, because its not the biggest thing ever, and the angles I had to do were very indifferent. This project helped me understand that you can’t always be happy with one picture, and you sometimes have to vary the angles if you want a perfect picture.

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5 Angles

I had to take photos of different things from different angles. I thought that there really weren’t many challenges besides thinking of the different angles to take from. The hardest object to take was the whole computer because you cant move it. It helped me think of new angles to take pictures from

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5 Angles

For the 5 angles project, I had to take 5 photos of 3 things in all different angles. One of those things had to be a person. Taking five photos in all different angles was more difficult than you would think. Something challenging about taking all 5 photos was the fact that you could not be on the same plane on a different side, it had to be a full new angle. This proved challenging if the object was laying on something as you would lose a lot of potential angles. I feel like the hardest object to photograph was the Jolyn stickers on my binder. It was the hardest to photograph because it  was a flat object laying against a flat surface. This project helped me learn a lot of new angles and different ways to take photos that I didn’t think of before. My favorite photo is probably an above angle of my friend Valerie (below). To see the rest of pictures from this project, click here.