Close up

For this project we needed to take pictures up close. What worked well for this project was making sure you could see the object clearly and that the back round blurred out. The challenge for this project was making sure I had 10 photos. I didn’t have any issues with the cameras or taking any of the pictures. I would like to take a picture of eyes or raindrops.

my photos

Close Up

In this assignment we get close up to an object and take a photo including a lot of detail. What worked well for this assignment was getting really close to your subject so the photo would show the subject and have a lot of detail. One challenge I faced was getting all the details in the photos. If I had the time and equipment to do this I would take photos of butterflies and rain .

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Close Up

For this project I had to take photos of objects while getting very close to the object to capture miniature details. I think that it worked well to position the camera at a distance where the subject filled up the whole screen but still was in focus. I was still difficult to capture very small objects, such as a bug or a flower bud because it wouldn’t come into focus. If I had the time and equipment, I would like to photograph close up shots of leaves and nature. If you would like to see the rest of my photos, click here.

Close Up

My favorite photo was the flower because it is really pretty. What worked well was getting close enough to take the photo. I did try something new which was taking really close pictures. One of my challenges was finding stuff to take. If I had the time I would like to take a close up of Brooke Balow because she is so pretty.

Here are some photos

Close Up Pictures

For this assignment, we had to take close up pictures of an object. What worked well was holding the camera close to the object. I tried taking pictures with different and interesting angles. What was hard about this project was making sure the pictures wouldn’t be blurry. It was difficult to find things that would work well because a lot things were not interesting. I didn’t have any issues with the camera. I would like to get raindrops up close.

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Macro Project

This project was basically to take photos indoors and outdoors, and get up close to things that are hard to tell what they are from so close up. I like this project, because it wasn’t that hard to get close up photos and take them, but it was very hard to get an angle at witch it looks good. I would probably want to visit the Galapagos islands, and take pictures of the amazing exotic species.

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Close up

In this project i had to take a picture of an object close up and including all the details. What worked well was finding a object to do this project right. Some of the challenges in this project were having all the details the object had. It was not difficult to find an object. If i had the time i would not want to do photograph close up.

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Getting Close

In this project I had to take 10 photos of living and non-living things up close. Some things that worked out well were choosing my objects and the look of the overall photo. Some challenges were making sure the object didn’t move and not letting the photo turn out to be blurry. If I had everything I needed, I would take an up close photo of bio luminescent coral. ?

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Getting Close Up!

In this project we had to find an object and take close up pictures. What worked well was the fact the weather was beautiful that day, it made things glow. The challenges were finding the perfect looking objects, it wasn’t difficult everything was laid out, and I had no camera issues. If i could I would take close up pictures of spiders because they are cool. Click here to see photos

Close Up

For this assignment, we had to go up close to an object and snap a picture. For this project, we could not use the zoom option or else the picture would look grainy. For this project, I found that when using a phone, we can not go up too close to the object or else the phone will not focus on the object. This was the most challenging part about this project. We needed to be close, but not too close, or the picture would not turn out well. I would want to go to a garden and take pictures of flowers up close, bumble bees, bugs and a lot more.

Here is my favorite picture

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