Up Close

For this project, we had to take close up photos of different things. Our main goal was to take pictures that were so close up, that you couldn’t tell where they were taken. I found that it worked well to slowly move my phone closer and closer to the object until right before it started to get blurry. Some of the hard parts of this project were finding things to take pictures of, and not being able to get as close as I wanted to because of the “restrictions” on the iPhone camera. Thankfully, the problems were solved (for the second problem I used VSCO). If I had the time, and equipment to take close up pictures, I would take pictures of everyday objects (ex. papers in a binder). You can find more of my pictures here

Set In The Street

This project is called Set In The Street. There were two photographers this project was based on, Justin Bettman and Carrie Mae Weems. Justin Bettman creates a set in a random public place, then takes a picture that makes it seem like the people in the picture are in a house (not in some random public place). Carrie Mae Weems creates pictures with “table scenes” (things you would usually do at a table). For this project, we created a table set in the middle of our school. After taking the pictures I used photoshop to edit them and make them black and white. If I had to choose one place to tell my family’s story, it would probably be my dining room table. Many things have happened at that table. Anyways, here are my other photos.

Catching The Action

For this project, we had to take pictures of people/things that are moving. Since I don’t have a professional camera or even a regular nice one, I used my phone. If you use your phone, when taking a picture, right before the action happens, start to hold down the button that takes the photo. This makes it so that there is a burst of photos. After you have taken your burst, look at your picture, press select (it would be under the picture on your phone), and pick the picture you like the best. If I could take an action photo of a sport, I think I would take it of gymnastics or swimming. Here is a link to the rest of my action pictures.

7 Days

For day one, I took a photo of my earbuds. I took this picture not only to just show my earbuds but to also represent music. Music is a huge part of my life and affects me strongly. For example, music can automatically change my mood from really depressed, to feeling happy and confident. My music has helped me a lot throughout the “tough times” when going to people for help wasn’t enough, or when I felt alone or constantly stressed out.  Also, I listen to music a lot. When I’m on the bus when I’m reading, and during class (when I can), are just a few examples of when I listen to music. Furthermore, my friends give me weird looks when they can hear my music perfectly through my earbuds as I listen (my music is always turned up all the way). As you can see, music is a huge part and I don’t know what I would do without it.

For day two I took a picture of my cat. This represents all of my pets (1 cat and 2 dogs). I am truly thankful for my pets. My cat, Nitro has been with me since we were both 1 year old. Nitro is the best can ever and I love how relaxed and chill he is. Second, my 3-year-old dog, Norman. Norman knows when you are sad and/or need some cuddles. Although he lays down in the middle of my bed right before I go to sleep, I love how loving and smart he is. Then there is Chewey… We just got her about a month ago, and she is the cutest little thing, but definitely not the brightest. Chewy is so cute and makes you laugh.  Long story short, my pets are always there for me.

For day three I took a close up picture of my Christmas tree. I took a picture of my tree because I’m thankful for Christmas. Christmas is a holiday that helps bring my family together (not that they don’t already love each other). Christmas is also the holiday that I get to go on a plane and see my family. Overall I believe that Christmas is a great holiday and I love all of the hot cocoa, warm fires, cheesy Hallmark movies, and warm blankets.  

For day four I took a picture of a pencil and paper. This represents my love for writing. Writing is so fun whether it’s a short story or an essay. Many people might not like writing because they find it difficult, but writing is an easy way to express my feelings. I also love writing because it takes up my time, so if I have nothing to do and I want to waste time, I’ll write.

For day 5 I took a picture of my swim pool. I just started swimming last summer but I believe I’ve gotten good really quickly. During practice, I swim with the people that have been swimming since they were little. Now during practice, I usually feel like I’m going to die, but I love it anyway. I used to be super unhealthy before I started swimming, but now I’m really healthy and proud of myself. Also, swimming (easy-ish) helps take away any stress that I have at the moment. I know many many people are faster and better than me at swimming, but I’m grateful that I finally found a sport that I love, and makes me happy.

For day six I took a picture of my friends. My friends are always there for me and I don’t know what I would do without them. If I have a problem and I don’t feel like telling my parents, who do I tell? My friends. I have amazing friends that would do anything to keep me happy, and I would do the same for them. My friends are there for me, so I am there for them. We love each other like family and again, I don’t know what I would do without them. 

 For day seven I took a picture of my family. There is so much to say about my family, I don’t even know where to start. My family is amazing, and I’m super lucky to have a great family. My parents love me so much and I’m so grateful for that. My sister, although she annoys me to death (9 years old), is funny and caring. I also love how my grandparents spoil me and my sister all the time. Overall my family is amazing.

Then I Asked Them To Smile

For this project we had to go to 15 people and ask them if we could take 2 pictures of them; 1 smiling and 1 not smiling. This project was difficult because I was afraid to ask people and usually when I did, they said no. For some of the pictures, you can see a big difference between the smiling picture and the non-smiling picture. One of the things you can see is that the person doesn’t look that nice or happy in the non-smiling picture, but in the smiling picture, the person looks a lot more happy and friendly. One of the things that can affect a photographer taking pictures is their bias towards the client/subject. For example, if the client is a single parent raising two kids, then the photographer might put them in a power pose versus if the client/subject was homeless and/or poor, the photographer might make them look a little bit sadder in the picture. If I got hired, I wouldn’t ask the person’s background, or job, I would ask how they feel, or how their life is going for them because is I ask about their background I know I’ll have a bias. Here are my photos ?

Light Graffiti

For this project, we went in the pitch black gym. To get these photos, we had to keep the camera open for 15 seconds, point our flashlights at the camera, and draw. To write words and draw pictures we had to shine our flashlights at the camera and cover up the light whenever we wanted to make a space (Draw “H”, cover light, move the light, uncover the light and draw “i”). To do the pictures with people in then, we followed the drawing steps but then shone the light on the person we wanted to show, to “paint” them. When we were doing our backgrounds, it was hard for everyone to work together and not have many lights going on top of each other. I think if we could leave the camera open for longer we could have less pressure to rush the picture and make a bigger and better scene. Here are my other pictures.

Rule Of Thirds

The rule of thirds is a set of two lines (one pair vertical and one pair horizontal), kind of like a tic tac toe. To take a rule of thirds picture you have to take up 1/3 of the screen with your focal point or put your focal point on one of the lines or crosses. Photographers do this so the person’s eyes wander around the picture before looking at the focal point. Usually, the picture worked if we put the person or object on one of the lines, but it was harder to take pictures where 1/3 of the picture was something, and 2/3 was something else. Before taking these pictures, I thought it would be hard. Then, after taking the photos, I realized it wasn’t as hard as I thought. Here are some other photos

1 Object, 5 Shots

For this project we had to take pictures of 3 different objects (one of them being a person). We had to take 5 photos from 5 different angles of each object. One challenge that I had during this project was finding different angles to take the pictures in. For me, the hardest object to take a photo of was the highlighter, this is because when I was taking pictures of it, most of the photos looked like they were taken at the same angle. This project helped me learn how to take better pictures of people (and things), and it helped me learn the different angles that look good when I take a picture.

Here is a link to my other pictures: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1-3PsrUSowqGO2mwXftGJoLOmS0PrGs4u

24 Crayons

The 24 crayons assignment was an assignment where we had to take creative photos of 24 different colored crayons. Most challenging part of the project, was finding a fitting background for each of the crayons, because some were unusual colors, like the colors, apricot, and green-yellow. The easy part was taking the photos, and editing my logo onto the photos I took. My two favorite photos I took were the ones with the scarlet crayon, and the brown crayon (shown below). This is a link to the other pictures I took,