Pulitzer Prize

In this project, we visited the Newseum and looked at Pulitzer prize winning photographs. The following photos are Pulitzer Prize photos that connected with me.

Image result for The child and the vulture

This photo is incredbly sad to me. Seeing the African child starving and the vulture waiting for it to die strikes a cord with me. It makes me think about how fortunate I am to be able to eat regularly and when I wish, while there are others who starve.  After the photographer took this photo, they committed suicide, depressed that their fame was caused by such awful conditions.


Image result for the croatian child being passed over the fence pulitzer prize photo

In this photo, Kosovo citizens are passing over their child to the refugees on the other side of the fence, in an attempt to give the child a better life. This photo connects with me because it shows the difference in like, even though both places have a similar landscape, can be so different do to a thin barbed fence. It also connects with me because my mom was a war correspondent in Kosovo.

If I were the photographer, I think I would have a hard time trying to seperate my job from being a human. I don’t think I could be a photojournalist, because I don’t think I could live with myself if I sat by instead of helping others. I suppose some might go into the field for fame, but as the photographer of the first photo knew, fame based on other’s suffering is not great fame.

Another great part of the exhibit is the 9/11 museum. They even have a peice of the Twin Towers in the middle, and all the newspapers the day after. The exhibit is certainly a very well researched one, and it stirs a lot of emotion for those who lived through 9/11. They have a full documentry playing on a loop in a small theater room, and even have the remnants of the camera of the journalist who died in the collapse. It is truly an amazing exhibit.

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