Getting Close

For this project we had to take a close up and focus on the main subject of the picture. Something that made my project successful was taking the pictures from different angles so that the camera could focus on the raindrops. A difficulty I came across while taking the pictures for this assignment was getting the camera focused on the subject. Or getting the photo to be more clear and not blurry. If I could, I would choose to photograph the stars in the night sky if I had the equipment. Above is my favorite picture out of the other 9 I took, to see the rest click here.

Close Up Shots

This project is a task where I focused my camera very close to a certain object. What worked well for this project was making my camera focus on a certain object, also making it focus. To make my camera focus better I used VSCO to take the photos. No issues with the camera but it was difficult to find subjects because I started to get less creative. I would like to photograph water close up.

Here is my favorite photo.

Here is the link to my drive folder with all my pictures:


We were asked to use our cameras to capture a very well defined photo of something small. What worked well was taking pictures of things that were not moving. If I could I’d photograph ants. Here are the rest of my pics.

Close-up Shots

In this project, I took close up shots of objects and nature. For these pictures, I used the app VSCO because the camera on the app allows the user focus on a certain point in the picture. It was difficult finding subjects but then I realized zooming in on regular objects and focusing it would do the job. I would want to photograph something from space because lots of things in space aren’t necessarily solids and seeing it up close would be astounding to see.

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Macros Mattia Izzi

For this project we had to take close up pictures of objects. It was pretty easy to find objects but it was kind of hard to find good angles so that the shadows didn’t get in the way. Taking pictures of flowers worked well because they had a lot of textures. I’d like to take close ups of a stream or river.

Here is my favorite pic…

Here are the rest of my pics.

Up Close

In this assignment, we had to get close to the object we were photographing and take their picture. I tried to use objects that didn’t show my phone’s shadow. I sometimes struggled in finding them, though. If I had the time, equipment, and ability, I would like to take close-up pictures of flowers.

This is my favorite photo (I can’t add my logo because my Photoshop isn’t working.)

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Macro Photography

In this project we had to take pictures of items really close up – macro photography. In order to get really good detail close up I just put the camera in macro mode and put the lens as close to the object as possible while being focused. The most challenging part of the project was making sure that it was focused. With the small objects and lots of wind it was really hard to see if the camera was actually focused. If I had the equipment, time, and ability to get there I would like to photograph leaves with water droplets on them really close up.

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Getting Close

This project was to take a photo of an object or person close up. The project was to make the picture look as if it was photoshoped when it really wasn’t. In this project I found it easiest to take pictures of plants as they didn’t move and you could get multiple other objects in the background. The only thing that I found hard was when I was too close to an object and my camera wouldn’t focus. If I had the time, I would take a picture of an ant, which I tried to do, but couldn’t find one big enough.

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Close up!

This project was fun all you had to do was take photos of something up close! Something that worked well in this project was finding something to take a picture. But something difficult about this project was focusing on the thing for it can not come out blurry. I would like to take a picture of a big leaf with rain drops on it,if I had the time to do it.Overall this project was fun to take photos up close! Click Here to see the rest of my photos!

Closeup Pictures.

This task included students to take pictures of things but getting really close to the object to get the detail of the object. What worked well was to take pictures in the shade because you could get better light. If you take pictures in lights then it would be hard to capture the detail because of the light in the picture. it was difficult to take good pictures because sometimes it would only focus for a little time and so you needed a good time so you can actually get a good picture. If I had the time,equipment,and ability than I would take a picture of maybe an alligators head or eye because they have different shades of color in their eye and so it would look cool.

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