Action Shots

In this project, I (attempted) to take photos of things in action. Unfortunately, my surroundings and environment are not as exciting as others so most pictures were as simple as flags in the wind. I didn’t do much in settings, but I took bursts with moving subjects hard to capture on the spot. If someone is taking action shots for the first time, I would recommend using a high resolution camera because things can easily get blurry and the quality can deteriorate. Also, the shutter speed should be quick so the camera can capture the action quickly. If I could choose, I would take action shots of swimmers because the water effect would be cool.

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Action Shots

For this project we had to take pictures of something or someone moving. However, the object/person could not be blurry in the picture. I had to take multiple pictures while the object was  moving and try different angles this way I had multiple options and could see which worked the best. I would say that for this project you should try to make the subject of the photo move as slow as possible so it is easier to capture the image. If I could I think it would be really cool to take pictures of ice hockey players in motion. Click HERE for more photos!

Action Shots!

In this project we had to take pictures of people or things in action. Many things helped me create a great image. Such as, telling my friends to move or just seeing an item and thinking, this would look good in action. One things that helped me a ton was having my camera on burst so I could capture everything, that would be my one major tip. I would take a picture of a soccer match beacause there are many different action shots you could get and I understand the game very well so I would be easy for me. If you would like to see the rest of my photos, click here