”Kenia’s Action”

In this project we have to take 8-10 pictures of one of my classmate, and with a camera i take 8 photos in total what I did to catch in action so the person have to jump  or run etc, so when they jump I press the camera bottom and the picture came with a good action. It was hard to get the firsts photos but l try many times and finally l get goods photos. This help me to practice how to take goods photos in action and l learned and l enjoy it. It was fun because we try many times. I would like take photos of people playing soccer and catch them in action. If you want to see the rest of the pictures you can go by clicking HERE


In this project what we did was a group of 5, two of them had the lights on each side so the back around  would be white without shade. Then we take pictures in a turn each one of us help each other, Then I have to check our photos and if they were missing more white color in the back we have to edit them so that they have a good color. and l have to edit them to put the logo in the photo that i pick. And also we have to chose a photo of other people that we take of them and with our logo too. If you want to see ours photos you can seeing by clicking Here

KENIA’S 5 Shots

in this project all I have to do is take pictures of different 3 objects and of each object I have to take 5 photos. the difficult thing is like having balance so that they come out pretty and interesting. this helped me how to take them well in 5 different ways and good balance. and I think it’s pretty and I love taking pictures. 
you can see the photos by clicking here

Quinn’s 5 Shots

For this project, We had to find three different objects and take 5 pictures of each object. But, the 5 shots have to be at different angles. The challenge of this project was trying to take five different shots of each object. The object that was the hardest to take pictures of was  my dog because it was hard to keep him still. This project helped me to learn how to take pictures with different angles.  If you would like to see the rest of my photos click here.