24 Colors

For the 24 colors project we needed to find things that the color of the crayon matched. We had to find something that matched the color of all 24 crayons in the box which was hard to do but it was a lot of fun. It was challenging to match the color of the crayons to different objects. One thing that was easy was taking the picture of the crayon. It was also easy to place the crayons on the objects to take pictures of them. Click here to see the rest of my pictures.

Kenia’s 24 colors

In this project I feel that it was easy for me. because we only use the crayons and we take pictures with something that will match the same color as the crayons. the difficult thing was to look for something that was very beautiful and would remain with the color of the crayon. and walking around the surroundings seeing what could be done.