Getting close

This time, for this project, we had to take pictures of things really close up so you could see all the little details. In order to do this, we had to use the super macro setting on the camera so it would focus on the object when we were up close. What worked pretty well for the project was some what the weather. One of the days it was frosty outside so all the plants had a beautiful frost coat on them. Also another thing that worked well for this project was the location we are in, we had tress, grass, plants, etc all around us. For the most part this is not a new thing to me, I tried doing a similar thing with the camera last year. The most difficult and frustrating thing was getting the camera to focus on the object I wanted it to. Most of the time I would have to hold my position for a while in order to get a good picture/for the camera to focus. Although we had lots of things to take pictures around us, most of it looked the same so it was a tiny bit hard to find something new to take a picture of. Finally, if I could go anywhere to take macro pictures, I would definitely go to a rain forest area. I would go here because of the wide variety of plant life, animals life, and insects.

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