24 Crayons

For the 24 crayons assignment, we had to find objects that match the crayon color. A challenge that I faced was finding the right or similar color to the crayon. It was very easy take the pictures because the crayon was very small.

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24 Colors

This project was all about matching crayons to a background that’s the same color as the crayon. It was difficult for me because in school there are majority dull colors over finding bright and loud colors like the crayon, but I tried and I made it work out. I found positioning the camera and editing the pictures easy for me. Also the dull colors such as black, grey, white, etc. were easy and didn’t take that that much time to find. This photo was my favorite since the globe had this simular pink but it had different tones which made the crayon stand out and take the center stage and the background helped out to made the picture to grab attention.

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24 crayons

This project was taking 24 pictures off twenty four crayons.We had to pick our two favorite. These are mine. It was easy to find backgrounds for each crayon. But hard to take pictures because of the lighting in the school.

24 Crayons

The 24 crayons assignment was an assignment where we had to take creative photos of 24 different colored crayons. Most challenging part of the project, was finding a fitting background for each of the crayons, because some were unusual colors, like the colors, apricot, and green-yellow. The easy part was taking the photos, and editing my logo onto the photos I took. My two favorite photos I took were the ones with the scarlet crayon, and the brown crayon (shown below). This is a link to the other pictures I took, 

24 Crayons

For this project I had a case of 24 crayons and I had to take a photo of each crayon with a background of similar color. This project was not as easy as it seemed. Sometimes it was hard to keep the crayon in place. Other times, the crayons would match perfectly with the object in real life, but when I went to take a photo the colors were different because of lighting. One thing I found to be easy was finding objects similar in color in my everyday life. Below are my 2 favorite photos from this project. You can see the rest of my photos here.