Black Background

In this project, we had to make it look like there was an infinite black background. In order to get the right lighting, we had to put the light on the person, instead of behind. One thing that didn’t work was taking the picture far away from the person so it wouldn’t mess the lighting up. one thing which was easy was focusing on the subject better than in the white background post. It was hard because the light was really bright.

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White Background

For this project, we had to make the background look infinite.One thing I did was I adjusted the camera to make it more sensitive to the light, so the background looked at bright as possible. While I was editing I found it super easy to adjust the brightness. One thing I struggled with was getting the the proper adjustments to the camera. It was challenging to get rid of yellower areas.

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White background

In this project, me and my group had to stand in front of a white backdrop and shine a light on each other. we had to make so the background would disappear or become inadvisable. I felt it was hard to get the right picture because I kept messing up and moving the camera.

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Black background

When I was doing this assignment, me and my group had to adjust the ISO on the camera to make it look like an infinite background. We had to make the ISO lower so it looked darker, then when i was editing, I used the brightness to make me and my group look brighter but still have the background darker. The ISO had a very big arrect on the photo. But while we were taking the photos it was kinda hard to see our faces and we needed more photos too.

Portraits with an infinite (black/white) backgrounds

For the infinite background project we had to set the camera to ISO 400. We had to take pictures in a white and in a black background. The hardest thing about taking these photos was the lighting. There was a shadow it would’ve been easier if we were allowed to use photo shop to cover up the shadow but we are not allowed to use it for this project. The thing that did work was finding the right position and poses the “models” should stay in.

Infinite Background

In this assignment, we took photos in white background and black background. The Challenges that we faced was that we had to change our ISO setting to make the camera more sensitive. In order to do this assignment well, we had to take photos from different ways so our shadows wouldn’t show. Then we used Photoshop to edit the photos. For example, I had to make my white background photos more bright so the background look infinite. I personally think the black background turned out really well. For the white background, I think it didn’t turn out as good as I expected it to be. Because there’s too much detail and the shadow was easier to see.

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Portraits With Infinite Background

For this project we had to have someone stand by a white background, try do get the least amount of shadows in the photo, and shine a light on the background to reduce the amount of shadows. Then to edit, we had to go to photo shop and make the background all one color. The lighting in our photos worked very well but a lot of our photos were blurry. 

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Infinite Background

This project was the most creative project we have had so far because we had the most freedom of the pictures. In this project we had to stand in front of a white background with light shining on the background. When we were starting to take the picture we had to adjust the ISO to make the camera more sensitive to light. This allowed us get the infinite background. In this project many things worked to help us get the infinite background. When we took the picture we had to stand in front of the light so it would light up the background. This helped us a lot so there was no shadows and that the background was properly lit. Although, this project was fairly easy there was definitely some challenges. For example, just getting the ISO at the correct setting so enough light would get into the camera lens. Down below are all my pictures that I took of my group and pictures that me group took of me.