Lego Stories

For this project, I had to take legos and set them up to look like humans. I had to make the poses realistic and make it so the environment that the characters were in looked like a human environment, from the stuff in the backgrounds to the proportions of lego object to actual object. While I was taking my pictures, I had to use concepts I had learned throughout the year, from framing to rule of thirds. I believe that the most challenging part of this project was making the legos look like they were the right size to fit in the environment they were in. For example, if you wanted your character walking down a side walk, you couldn’t use an actual sidewalk, because that would be much too big for a lego person. You would have to find a much thinner object to place your lego on so that the proportions of lego to sidewalk are the same as a usual human to a sidewalk. If I were to take more pictures of lego characters, I probably would do some unique situations, such as flying in an airplane or jumping off a diving board.

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Close up

For this project we needed to take pictures up close. What worked well for this project was making sure you could see the object clearly and that the back round blurred out. The challenge for this project was making sure I had 10 photos. I didn’t have any issues with the cameras or taking any of the pictures. I would like to take a picture of eyes or raindrops.

my photos

Catch The Action

For this assignment, we had to take a picture of someone doing something that you could’t pose. For example someone jumping or running. You were not aloud to move the camera they had to come in and out of frame. I used burst so that I could get the right picture. The tip I have is never move the camera. I would take a picture of water falling off something.

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Close Up Shots

This project is a task where I focused my camera very close to a certain object. What worked well for this project was making my camera focus on a certain object, also making it focus. To make my camera focus better I used VSCO to take the photos. No issues with the camera but it was difficult to find subjects because I started to get less creative. I would like to photograph water close up.

Here is my favorite photo.

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Action Photos

While I was taking the photos I always put my phone in burst mode. This helped me capture the certain moments of a photo that I want. My tip is try to keep the camera very still and time the photo. I would like to photograph a swimmer, about to appear from the surface of the water.

Here is my stacked photo:

Here is the link to my action photos folder, called, “motion shots”:

I put a setting on my phone so that every time I take a picture it captures several shots at the same time. One main piece of advice I have is to always use the burst option. I would love to photograph a wave crashing onto the shore.


We were asked to use our cameras to capture a very well defined photo of something small. What worked well was taking pictures of things that were not moving. If I could I’d photograph ants. Here are the rest of my pics.

Catch The Action

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For this project you have to take picture of someone moving and edit those photos to make one whole photo. I took a multiple picture of my friend running and jump in the the middle. I stacked the photos I took to make a new photo. I wouldn’t recommend taking pictures of hair, or an object because it’s more difficult when you are editing the photo. This project was very difficult but a little fun at the same time.


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In this project we took pictures of objects up close. We had to take the pictures so that people couldn’t recognize the object easily. I found taking pictures of plants easier than taking pictures of other objects. Some of the challenges of this project is finding an object to take pictures of and getting the camera to zoom into the object you want to take a picture of. If I had time and ability to get there, I would take an image of a bird. I’ve always wanted to see one super up close so it would be col to take a picture of it. I want to take a picture of its face to really get up close and see all of the features.


During this project, we had to take photos of living and nonliving things. We had to find objects and get really close to them and take pictures. When taking the photos is was challenging to get close enough to the object without making the photo blurry.Overall This was a fun and easy project. It was easy to come up with good ideas for pictures. I would like to get an up close picture of something cool.

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Close Up

For this project I had to take photos of objects while getting very close to the object to capture miniature details. I think that it worked well to position the camera at a distance where the subject filled up the whole screen but still was in focus. I was still difficult to capture very small objects, such as a bug or a flower bud because it wouldn’t come into focus. If I had the time and equipment, I would like to photograph close up shots of leaves and nature. If you would like to see the rest of my photos, click here.