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  • Review of the whole semester
  • Have your thoughts changed about photography?
  • Have you changed the way you take photos?
  • What was your favorite project? Why?
  • Does photography interest you as a career?  Will you continue learning next year in high school? Why or why not?
  • Share you favorite photo in your post.

This whole semester was great fun. My thoughts have not change about photography. yes i have changed the way i took my pictures and how the lighting should be and stuff. my favorite project was the 24 colors because i got to get a box of colors and i took a picture of my favorite color.

close up

For this project I had to find objects or person and had to take a close up of it. What worked well is to zoom in on something and so it will be easier to have it closer instead of having the camera be right on the object or person. What I tried new was I tapped on the screen so I could then focus the light correctly. My challenges were not shaking the camera or else the picture would be blurry. It wasn’t that had finding things to take pictures of honestly. And like I said before, one issue with the camera was trying not to move too much. If I had time and equipment to take a close up picture of my shoes because they have a lot of different materials so there will be better close up picture. Here is the link to the rest of my photos.

kitchen table

 This project was about making a ‘story’ with a kitchen table and a ceiling light. The people used in this photo were used to make a surprise with a donuts box that was not shown. And the people used in the second picture was used to create an argument or fight people were talking about. Here are their pictures. The tools in Photoshop I used were the black and white adjustment to make the picture black and white, elliptical marquee tool to give the ceiling light a specific way to look for the light in the ‘room’, and I also used the curves tool to give the light a ombre look. I would take the photos outside because my family is really crazy and I have a big family too. You would see pictures with us smiling, something funny or sad but mostly angry. And here is the link to the photos.

7 Days

I’m thankful for my shoes. I’m thankful for them because I can run easily with them they are so comfortable here are more of my pictures

Catch the Action

For this project we had to take pictures of moving objects or people. It was difficult to get the pictures perfectly. What I did to set up with the pictures, I put the camera lens closer to the ground and had it close to the object or person I took a picture of. Tips I have for people taking action photos is keeping the picture focused and not moving a lot.I would watch to photograph football because It would be cool to take a picture of a football in the air. Click here for the rest of the photos.


The difficult was finding people to take the picture and finding the urge to go up to them. people have a brighter personality when they smile. Not only looking for “good looking” people but all types of people to take pictures of. “would you like a photo?” ‘ give me your most naturalist look”   You can see my pictures here.

Light Graffiti

My group started taking pictures in the dark and used some sort of light object to make design in the picture. First we went in the gym in the dark and made sure there is no other trace of light in the room then the objects. We all decided what design to make with the lights so as a group we did it for about 15 seconds. Then the picture was ready. What worked was the lights to make any design that we thought was easy. What didn’t work was the designs we tried to make. One of the frustration were that when we made a design we would cover up the light but it wouldn’t work and still show up. To have a complete dark room and have better/cooler lights. Click here for the rest of my photos..

Black Background Photo’s

First i had to get into my group. we each took pictures of each other and later then edit them. we had to change the color of the photo to fit how we wanted to look. I also had cropped the photo to a fit in a angle i wanted it to be. each photo had to have a pitch black background with a spotlight to make the person in the photo visible.What worked for me was angling the light to the background to have the head shot visible to see the person. what didn’t work for me was when the light was directly on the person, so what i did was shine the light off the person or faced the light right up to the ceiling for the light to reflect gently on the person. Click here for the rest of the picture.

5 shots

In this assignment we had to take 5 different angles of a object. One of the challenges I had was to get a good angle by having it not be the same like the others. It was hard to do the ceiling since its higher then me and it has a flat surface. This project helped me learn how to take pictures perfectly. Here is an link of my different photos