Then I Asked Them to Smile

The next project is simple in context. The project is based on the work of Jay Weinstein, a photographer currently living in India. You can find out about his project, how it got started, and see examples of his work at .  Our goal is to create a collection of “smiles” from inside and outside our building. We are nearing the end of this class (insert tear drop here), so I want to see your skills used. Think back to our portrait, rule of thirds, and even the crayon project. Use lighting, composition, and color to make your photos the best possible products.Your collection of photos should comprise of 15 different people (no one from this class). I want to see a diverse collection of people represented in your photos. Part of of the final discussion will be to look at the photos for stereotypes and initial feelings brought by a non smiling face.  Thoughts on stereotypes and the job of a photographer to give their subjects a fair chance at being portrayed need to be included in your post as well. 

See this video as an example: 

First thoughts??

  • Final Products:
  • 15 people collected – 2 for each person, 1 smile, 1 no smile 
  • pairs of photos will be displayed on a single image built in Fireworks, Google Slides, or a GIF
  • What was difficult?  
  • What changes do you see?
  • How could bias affect your job as a photographer?
  • When hired, what questions should you ask your client/subject to give you the best chance of taking “fair” photos?
  • Collect photos through next Friday, April 27th.
  • Post category will be “Smile”