Portraits: Masked Up!

This project will be used as an introduction to portraits. We will be focusing on headshots to help keep this simple. We have used different types of lighting in a previous project and there is an expectation that you will use some of that practice in this project as well. I will include the “9 Lighting Hacks” video below. In fact, you should use at least one of the hacks used in the video just to get some practice and have some fun.

Tips and Requirements:

  1. You will need 4 photos. Not 4 different people, although that would be better, but 4 photos. You must be one of the “models”.
  2. Think about your backgrounds. Keep them simple and not distracting.
  3. Feeling/mood/vibe. Capture your subjects personality. I know they are masked, but there’s still ways to show personality. Use the eyes, the angle, an expression. Is their mask wild and crazy, make them match their mask.
  4. Lighting. Find smooth, even lighting so your model doesn’t end up with shadows on their face. Near a window is good, but not in direct sunlight. Don’t forget to include one of the 9 lighting hacks from below.
  5. Cropping. This is a headshot. Photos should be cropped in closely to the models face. Chest up, no hands.
  6. Mix it up. This is practice. Do not shoot all 4 of your pictures in the same place. Try different places inside and outside of your home.

For more headshot tips and ideas click here.